Okay, you’re on the big side; that is very obvious and certainly not a bad thing. But, people will always be people, and people think they have earned the right to have an opinion on how others run their personal lives. So, there will always be people who have words for you, words they should have left deep in their minds because of all the bile they carry. But, hey, opinions are like noses, right? And everyone has got to get one even though it is an utterly stupid opinion that should never have crossed the boundary of their oesophagus.

When these words come running out of their mouths, it is normal to feel bad and hurt, but there is a way not to feel so bad. You see, on social media, you have two options when someone gives you a “gbas”: you either reply with a “gbos”, or ignore them so hard they doubt if their existence.

First thing you should realize is that they are rude, and have crossed boundaries. So when replying them, be as cheeky as they thought they were and worse.

Unlock the sassy within you, and reply with these sassy replies.

Fatshamer: “You’re fat.”

You: “All the awesomeness you could not have was transferred into me, that and many more. Your tiny body could not contain it even if it tried.”

Fatshamer: “You gained some weight.”

You: “And some hotness as well; how about you?”

Fatshamer:  “You should lose some weight.”

You: “I could, and I should, how about you? Can you lose some of that ugliness within you?”

Fatshamer: “You could lose some weight.”

You: “You say this a lot. Don’t you think you should see a psychotherapist? I mean you are so focused on my body it is beginning to seem like an obsession. While I’m flattered, you need to get checked”.

Fatshamer: “You don’t think you’re too big?”

You: “I also think I’m too curvy, thankfully. That’s the thing these days; people like curvy.”

Fatshamer: “You’re fat.”

You: “I am; you’re silly.”

Fatshamer: “All that food you eat is making you fat.”

You: “All that nonsense you take in is making you stupid.”

Fatshamer: “You’re too fat.”

You: “That is temporary and can be fixed. Your stupidity, on the other hand, that is permanent.”

Fatshamer: “How do you walk with all that weight?”

You: “I did not realize it is possible to talk without a brain.”

Fatshamer: “You seem to have gained a lot of weight.”

You: “ I have been eating the self-esteem of the people who commented on my weight. You want to be next?”

Try and see how they come back from these!

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