Words are powerful. They can break or make anyone. And being in a society where unkind words are thrown around with reckless abandon, you have the option of either joining them to say those hurtful words to yourself or ignoring them and saying better words to yourself. When you say kind, positive words to yourself, you are automatically sending positive things into your life, because words, they manifest with time and if they were right words, then you are in luck, because good things will come ultimately.

Here are 10 beautiful words you should always say to yourself. You only have to stand before the mirror and tell yourself these words as often as you can, especially in the mornings.

  1. You are beautiful.
  2. I love and accept you in all your flaws and strengths.
  3. You deserve everything good, and everything good will come.
  4. You are a tall glass of a finely aged wine.
  5. I am proud of the woman that you are becoming.
  6. Girl, you have a killer body and skin.
  7. No one comes close to the treasure that you are.
  8. You are a queen.
  9. You are perfectly flawed.
  10. You are a warrior.

Never let a day pass without repeating these words to yourself consistently. Let everyone who has something ugly to say see you and get blinded by the light radiating from your positivity and beauty.

You are so much more than your jean size; you are beautiful, strong, amazing, perfect. You are all shades of perfection. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, and if someone was stupid enough to, remind yourself that they are beneath you because anyone who trolls another is beneath that person they are trolling.

The world is your stage, baby girl. Give it your damn best performance. You were not put on the earth to cower. That is an action associated with cowards, and the girl in front of the mirror is a warrior princess.

Merry Christmas to all of the plus-size in the house.

Wishing you a happy festive season.

Photo Credit: Lizzo (Parade)

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