Everyone has people they should not pay attention to because these people have a negative energy and they are toxic. It is worse when you are a tad sensitive because you are on the big side, so you have to watch what you do, what you eat, what you wear, you have to watch pretty much every freaking thing, the last thing you want is someone who will keep saying things you do not need to hear because keeping shut is suddenly so hard.

So, just like on Facebook when you block a silly commenter beforehand so that all that stupidity does not come to your timeline eventually, you do not need to listen to certain people to save yourself all that working your way up to confidence because someone’s words dragged you down.

So, here are four people you should not listen to.

The food watchers: “Oh! You should not eat this; it will make you fat, Oh, that has a lot of carbs, avoid it.” If you listen to these people, you will develop an ulcer, because you will end up eating absolutely nothing. You know why? The food watchers have a problem with anything that goes into a fat person’s body. It is like saying, plus size people should no longer eat any food at all. Listen, just because you are plus size does not mean you are free from ulcer, it will still happen to you. You need your food, we all need our food — big, small, medium.

The clothes watchers: “Oh, do not buy that, it won’t fit, oh! That looks too tight on you. If you cannot tell them to shut their face when they start talking, simply cut them off. How dare they tell you what to wear when they aren’t the owners of your body? Cut them and their judgmental nonsense off. They do not care about you, and if they said they did, they lied. They only want to make you feel bad so that they can feel good about themselves — nasty bunch.

The weight watchers: “Hey baby, you have added weight” You see these people? Cut them off from the very first day they say these words to you. You know why? They would never stop saying this. All the derogatory words they wished they could say are hidden under those sweet ‘well-meaning’ words they think they shielded properly.

The self-conscious set: These types are always looking at their bodies and asking if they are losing or gaining weight, most times, they are slim and just want to be reminded by you that they are slim. This is called humble bragging- bragging in a way that it does not seem like bragging. These set of people should be kept away from by all means; they will make you lose your self-esteem too.

There you go, pursue these people from your life with all the strength you can muster, they do not deserve a second thought.

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