Love- might very well be the bane of human existence as much as it gives life to us as well. So, when someone you love says certain words to you, it is capable of breaking you beyond repair. And this does not even have to come from just a romantic relationship, relationship with friends and family counts too, as only those you love are capable of hurting you.

So, when those you love look at you, and all they have to say are hurtful words, it might be time to walk away without looking back, because it would have been different had these words come from an outsider, but since they came from people you love, you did not build a defence, so it hit like a tornado.

At this point, it is time to walk, for the sake of your sanity, your self-esteem and your peace of mind. Yes, it is time to walk.

Walking away is hard, oh! Don’t we all know that? It is painful to walk away from a relationship where feelings were invested in, but, you need to walk away. Darling, you do.

So, here are ways you can walk away from a hurtful relationship.

  1. Tell yourself you deserve better: Listen, no one is ever going to remind you that you are perfect but you. You have to keep telling yourself that you deserve better because you do. So keep telling yourself, because the moment you start believing that, you would realize that in this relationship you are in where you are body-shamed, you are not getting better and that better is what you deserve. So, go out there and get it.
  2. Slowly detach: It might be hard just to go cold-turkey on a relationship because your heart is involved, but you can slowly detach till you walk away for good. 
  3. Love yourself better: You are the first example of what loving you should look like. When you love yourself better, you would realize that what you are getting from that person is not love but abuse. Anyone who body-shames you does not love you. Find the clear definition of love and make sure you are not letting anyone insult you and call it love.
  4. Stop paying attention: Simply block them out while you find the much-needed strength to walk away.
  5. Walk away: Finally, walk away and do not look back. Just move forward and leave this ugly past behind.

You are beautiful, darling. Anyone who tells you otherwise should not be in your life.

Photo Credit: Eye for Ebony

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