In the spirit of the new year, I’m sure that most of you must have resolved to stay healthier this year. And that’s a resolution worth applauding if you ask me.

That is also because being plus-sized is good, but staying healthy is more important and this should not be taken for granted.

In order to encourage you on this challenging feat, I would like to share a few meal ideas that you can try out this new year. Let me also remind you that the overall plan is to consume healthier meals that will not increase your weight but help you stay fresh and maintain a good shape.

  • Unripe plantain porridge with spinach and seafood:

Plantains are known to be less sweet than bananas, and they contain more vitamins and minerals. When garnished with spinach, an antioxidant that helps in muscle building and seafood like fish which is a source of protein, you’re sure to feel energised after such a meal.

  • Brown rice with chicken breast and vegetable sauce:

Do you know that brown rice contains less carb than regular white rice? Well, now you know. Try a little quantity of it with proteinous well-spiced chicken breast and lightly cooked veggies like carrot, cabbage, green beans, bell pepper, Irish potato and mushroom. You will enjoy the meal and your body will thank you afterwards.

  • Beans with sweet potato porridge with prawns:

Sweet potatoes have always been recommended for diabetic patients, because it is a less fatty root that is rich in fibre, gives you the right amount of sugar your body needs and makes digestion easy. When mixed in porridge with beans and prawns, it’s sure to be a delicious meal that is both healthy and enjoyable.

  • Wheat and mixed vegetable soup:

Wheat is one of the most commonly consumed cereal, and it is rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. You can enjoy it with a well-prepared vegetable soup containing fresh pumpkin leaf and waterleaf with lots of proteins from periwinkles, stockfish and beef.

  • Irish potato with omelettes and veggies:

Studies show that eating eggs with vegetables for breakfast helps you lose weight faster. Coconut oil or olive oil will best be used to prepare this omelette with bell pepper, spring onion, and ham because it is less fatty.

It is important to note that these meal ideas are to help you avoid fatty foods and meals that are high in calories and carbs. In addition to these, ensure to always take fruits and as many vegetables as possible to aid digestion and stay fit.

Fruits like berries, grapefruits, avocado, apple, walnuts, pears are very good for fleshy people. Coleslaw and salads are always a tasty treat too. In addition to this, please take lots of water as often as possible.

Do well to try out these meal ideas are have a healthy New Year 2020!

Photo Credit: babycenter

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