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do a lot more than just provide good melody to our ears. They inspire, uplift, depress,
anger, or make us fall in love – a whole lot of emotions and feelings, really.
Actually, music is all you need, sometimes, to either get into a bad mood, or
out of one, to feel good about yourself, or to feel bad.

we will be talking about songs that could boost your confidence as a plus-size
person. Basically, these are feel-good songs. So take out your phones, log into
your iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, or Deezer accounts and get ready to download.

one on this list is Meghan Trainor’s All
About That Bass
. Before Meghan,
the only people who sang about big women were men who wanted to sexualize them.
So all you heard about fat women were the size of their booty and how it was a
turn on. But Meghan came with a new
song about plus-size women and it was just perfect because she is plus size. All
About That Bass
was her voice expressing that she knew she was big and
loved herself that way.

two still has another Meghan Trainor’s
song hugging that spot, and this time it is Better When I’m Dancin’. This song simply tells you not to be
ashamed of your body and dance like you would if you were slimmer. Just dance,
like there is nobody watching. Even if they were, you are the star of the show.

three spot goes to TLC’s Unpretty.
This song talks about all the changes you can make to your body if you do
not feel pretty, but then it says if you do not feel pretty inside, then what
is the point? It is saying that aesthetics do not really matter in the end, if
after all the changes you make on your body, you do not look good inside. As
long as you feel good inside, send all that positive feeling out all around

four goes to Lady Gaga’s Born This
. Lady Gaga in this song had to remind listeners that they were born
the way they were and that there is nothing that should be changed. A part of
the song says “…Whether life’s disabilities, left you outcast, bullied or
teased. Rejoice and love yourself today, cause baby you were born this way….”
Those lyrics already speak for themselves – love yourself, above everything,
above the criticisms, above the hate, above the naysayers, because, baby, you
were born this way.

Number five goes
to Jessie J’s Who You Are.
Here is a part of the lyrics:

“I stare at
my reflection in the mirror

Why am I doing this to myself?
Losing my mind on a tiny error
I nearly left the real me on
the shelf

No, no, no, no, no

Don’t lose
who you are in the blur of the stars

Seeing is deceiving, dreaming
is believing

It’s okay not to be okay
Sometimes it’s hard, to follow
your heart

Tears don’t mean you’re losing,
everybody’s bruising

Just be true to who you are”

You cannot hate what you look like and expect the world to like what you look like. That is what Jessie is trying to say.

There you go. Listen to these songs and feel the beauty of your size.

Photo Credit: barcrofttv


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