A creative is basically one who creates. It refers to a person who is blessed with the ability to create, particularly using their imagination or talent to birth new content, different and most times free of imitation.

A creative doesn’t have to fit into any boxes; she is an individual and an artist. She is a leader and an influencer, not because of her personality, but she influences with her thoughts, talents, and gifts, which translate into art.

But as with every sector, sizeism is also rife in creative spheres. There is more controversy and conversation around your art once it is discovered that you are a plus-size person. No matter how good you are, people can’t seem to shake the fact that you have some extra fat on your body. Every creator knows how difficult it is to get any agency to consider your work because they believe you do not have the looks that appeal to the public and might not be able to push your art into the world.

Even though things have started to look up for the plus-size woman, it doesn’t stop us from expressing concerns about the motives behind it. Some think it is just a ploy to cash out, by casting more plus-size creatives to appeal to the plus-size community.

Regardless of these worries, there is hope, and with more and more representation, things are looking up for the plus-size.


  • Music: There are really amazing females in the music world, like Lizzo, a fast-rising American rapper, who has recently become the face of plus-size women. She had been making body-positive music for a long time, until 2019, when her 2017 single was featured in a movie and became a hit. She expressed her struggles with being accepted, both by herself and others and now she preaches body love and positivity, showing plus-size females that they too can conquer the world.

In 2016, Jazmine Sullivan said since there were not many plus-size women in the industry, she felt like she represented a lot of them and hoped that they felt inspired by her. There are many other females like Meghan Trainor, Waje, Niniola, Teni, Adele, who have broken the shackles of sizeism and continue to soar.

  • Dance: Plus-size dancer, Amanda LaCount started a movement, #breakingthestereotype, to remind the world that anyone can dance. Akira Armstrong, a famous choreographer, has talked about her struggles growing up as a dancer. Agents rejected her due to her size; she always felt her body was negative as she could never dress like the other dancers in a bid to hide all the extra fat. She started a dance collective- Pretty BIG Movement-to give voluptuous women a shot and encourage young plus-size girls that they could make it in dance, too!
  • Acting: One of the most successful plus-size actresses in Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy has sometimes wished she was magically a size six. But since she is healthy, she doesn’t entertain the thought for long.

Nigerian actress Ify Okeke has urged people to never worry about what body-shamers say because she definitely doesn’t.

Gabourey Sidibe poked fun at those mocking and fat-shaming her after her appearance at the Golden Globes.

Many other actresses were rejected by casting agents in the past but have gone ahead to shock the world and become global superstars, and for that, we are proud!

Other models, painters, bloggers, writers, on-air personalities have shared their struggles with breaking in and staying in industries that turn their backs to the plus-sized, especially women. And while this might seem discouraging, they are clear examples that you can be anything you want to be. There is a place for you; you just have to grab a seat at the table.

The world is your oyster, go forth and conquer!

Photo Credit: Toolz

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