What is your definition of fun?

Is it hanging out with family or friends in a relaxed and pleasant environment and having a good time?


Spending quality time with that special person you love and care so much about?


Going to the cinema and enjoying a good movie alone or in the company of a special friend or group of friends?


Taking a stroll to your favourite place and having a good time there?


Having a picnic at the beach with a friend or two and playing the whole day while enjoying a lovely and beautiful weather and nature’s serenity?

Well, if any of the above is your definition of fun, then you are absolutely right.

Fun has been defined as “light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, or boisterous joviality or merrymaking, entertainment.”

Fun is popularly associated with recreation and play.

By this, we can say that fun is anything that keeps you happy, takes the stress away from you and leaves you feeling good for a very long time.

Fun can also be being with people that make you happy and worry less. People you feel totally comfortable with, and not have to hide your identity.

When you are with such people, you care less about what they think about your complexion, height, size, dressing, makeup, body structure or type. You can just be yourself without holding back.

You don’t have to be careful of what you say, wear or do around them because they love you just the way you are.

Now having said that, let’s go back to the issue on ground. Can you as a plus-sized person have fun? And the answer is undoubtedly YES!

A few benefits of having fun include:

  • It relieves you of stress: We all encounter stress one way or the other as we go about our daily activities. Taking time to have fun helps your body recover swiftly from the accumulated stress of day to day activities.
  • It helps you sleep better: Do you know that when you overwork yourself or worry too much, you will have difficulty sleeping? Now, this is where having fun can play a significant role for you. Because fun time leaves you with lovely and happy memories, there is a higher chance of you sleeping better when you make time for fun.
  • It builds a better relationship and connection between you, family and friends: Everyone has that special someone that makes you feels good, be it family or friend. Imagine what spending time with them will do to your relationship. I am not sure the benefits of having fun can be overemphasized especially when it involves having fun with loved ones.
  • It energizes you to work more effectively: Since having fun is all about relaxation and leisure, there is no doubt about this act helping to boost your energy level if you do it more often.
  • Having fun makes your body responds more positively: When you are in the habit of relaxing and engaging in fun activities, it makes you happy and increases the positive vibe in you generally.

Now you know the importance of fun, especially as a plus-sized person, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from creating fun time no matter how busy you are!

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