As a plus-size woman, having a fuller face is as normal as daybreak after a long night. Your face is more likely to be chubby, this means plump cheeks, voluptuous lips and you might be rocking a double chin. And you know what? You can pull it off quite nicely.

Usually, makeup brands use influencers and models with slim faces to promote their products, and you may be worried about getting it right.

  • Face prep: you have to always remember to prepare your face before applying makeup. Wash your face with a cleanser, then a toner to remove the remaining dirt or makeup residue and finally, moisturise. These will help prepare a good base for the makeup to adhere to flawlessly. 
  • Foundation: use a trusted brand of foundation that suits your skin type. The trick is to use two colours, one that matches your skin perfectly and another one a few shades darker. Apply the matching shade all over the face, blending it in seamlessly and ensuring it doesn’t crease. The darker shade should then be applied to your temples, jawline, and cheeks (suck them in and apply to the hollow areas). Blend, blend, and to be sure, blend again. Apply setting powder to the areas with the matching foundation, let it sit for a while and once more, blend away.
  • Blush and bronzer: If you would prefer, you can use loose powder in a darker shade like the dark foundation. Or a matching bronzer. Apply to the areas with the dark foundation. By now, you will notice the sculpting effects of this technique. Add a pop of colour by applying blush to your cheeks, use a very light hand and blend thoroughly.
  • Eyebrows: Pick a shade of eyebrow pencil that matches your hair colour. Try a highly arched brow look; this would create a slimming effect and soften the roundness of your face.
  • Eyes: There is just something about the eyes. With the right eye makeup, you can pull all of a person’s attention from the rest of the body to your face, letting them drown in your eyes. Try rocking a smokey eye. It not only gives a sultry appearance, but it adds a touch of mystery to you. Eyeliner is a big girl’s best friend; nobody rocks a winged-liner better. Go crazy with it. Mascara? Yes, please. Layer it on those lashes. Add a little highlight to your brow bones. You look stunning, right? You’re welcome.
  • Lips: you know how you used to be worried that your lips are a little too full? Well, beauty standards have changed again, and fuller lips are the in thing. So you’re in luck, find a lip liner and lipstick that you love. The goal is to match the entire look while making them look as supple as a fresh juicy cherry.

Complete the look with some setting spray, and now you look like the stunning goddess that you are. Go out there and own your awesomeness!

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