It is no longer news that there has been growing reservations & discrimination against plus size ladies in the world even though some spectra of the society also love them.

These people who discriminate against plus size ladies usually portray them as lazy and being unserious people. Some refer to them as fatty, heavy heavy, big dirty e.t.c. This opinions are not only misleading but also misconceived.

The growing act of discrimination and abuse of plus size ladies has led to depression, emotional breakdown, drugs abuse, change in conduct, fighting and quarrel between some of the affected ladies and persons perpetrating this acts.

One more worrisome and growing challenge is the discrimination in work place, competitions and other allied places. They are not given some jobs due to their body size. But this is clearly discriminatory because research and experience reveals that jobs task is easily achieved with division of labour and this task have more to do with thinking, ideas,ICT, vision e.t.c which has nothing to do with the person body physique. Plus size ladies are also technically disqualified from certain competitions like modeling, whereas no law define model to be limited to slim or skinny people alone.

It is sad that despite the protection of women against all forms of discrimination by laws and policies, this act of discrimination is still on the increase.

But my dear plus size ladies should worry less about this challenge. Firstly you have to know that it is your fundamental right against all forms of discrimination. This right is more appreciated because it is enforceable in court.

Another remedy is call out the perpetrators of this discriminatory acts so that society respond to them accordingly like in social Media, this will serve as a warning to others who intend to embark on similar acts.

We hereby call on the nations of the world to combat the rise in discrimination against plus size women, which has seemingly been triggered by some men and even sadly some non plus size ladies.

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects individuals in the UK from discrimination, in the workplace, and in wider society. This includes when you are at work, in education, as a consumer, when using public services, when buying or renting a property, or as a member of a private club or association. In the UK, it is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of:

  • Age
  • Gender reassignment
  • Being married or in a civil partnership
  • Being pregnant or on maternity leave
  • disability
  • Race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Physique
  • Circumstances of Birth
  • Sexual orientation

Section 42 of the Nigeria Constitution also make similar protection against all forms of discrimination. The Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is another response to check this ugly menace finding its way into the fabrics of society

If you feel that you may have been subjected to such discrimination, in any of the contexts highlighted above, you can contact specialist on discrimination, psychologist or human rights lawyer.

This will help grow society and strengthen the consciousness of Big Beautiful Woman (BBW).

By DAVIDSON EDIEYA, employment and discrimination advisor.

IMAGE SOURCES: IG @the_sunshi9e American. (Child development and entertainment),

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