Yes, you are plus-sized and blessed with a lovely fleshy body, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Remember that you alone determine how you feel about yourself and how others treat you.

Hence, let me point out some things you may be doing, that are not helping you as a plus-size folk. These are a few common mistakes made by the plus-sized:

  • Eating unbalanced meals:

We have already established the fact that you are fleshy so I don’t doubt that you may be wanting to cut down on all fatty foods that contain carbs and calories that may increase your weight but then are you doing this the right way? You don’t necessarily have to starve yourself or practice intermittent fasting to make you look good or feel better about yourself. No, not at all. If you are doing that, then you are making a big health mistake. What you should concentrate on is eating healthy and that means taking the right food in the right proportion. Get a suitable meal plan that helps you eat properly else you may be doing your body more harm than good. Take lots of vegetables, fruits and proteins; they aid in digestion and make your body retain freshness.

  • Listening to the wrong people:

You must know that there are lots of negative and toxic people everywhere, and they tend always to make themselves available, especially when you do not need them. Such people specialise in giving wrong counsel, belittling others and spreading negative energy. They don’t believe in you and do not have any positive word to boost your confidence or make you feel better. The worst mistake you can make as a plus-sized person is to give them permission to creep into your heart and sow negative seeds. You don’t need them around you. Please do everything you can to stay away from them.

  • Comparing yourself to others:

Sadly, this is a prevalent mistake among many. No two persons are the same, not even identical twins. Comparison doesn’t change anything about you; rather, it steals your joy, makes you think less about yourself while concentrating more on others and of course, it takes your time while keeping you busy doing nothing. Remember no one is perfect and everyone has their struggle. Focus your energy on becoming a better person instead of thinking of what others may have that you do not. Like I always say, have a positive and open mindset and it’s sure going to help you see good in others without comparing yourself with them.

  • Looking down on yourself:

Do not ever think that you are less of who you are. That will only shatter your self-esteem and personal confidence. Not everyone can go through what you have gone through and survive or come out strong. You are resilient. You are beautiful. You are brave. You are confident. There is no other person like you. You are unique and special in your kind of way. Always remember that!

As the year 2020 begins today, do not find yourself committing any of these mistakes.

We wish you a happy new year.

Enjoy responsibly.

Photo Credit: BBC

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