The idea that being plus-sized means that you cannot enjoy the more beautiful things in life should never be allowed to see the light of day. Plus size women are women. Period. Living life to the fullest and breaking the chains of stereotypes. Today we will look at some popular myths about the plus-sized women and debunk them.

Fashion myths: Who says, as a plus-size woman, you cannot wear what you feel best in? People walk around with the idea that there are dos and don’ts for what plus size women should wear or that plus size women dress poorly. And even as a plus-size woman, you may think to yourself, ‘Can I wear this? This wouldn’t look good on my body.’ No. Wear it! There’s a reason it came in your size anyway. Here is a list of clothing articles that you probably shy away from:

  • Loud prints: you might just be drowning in blacks and neutral colours, for fear of emphasising the dimensions on your body. Don’t worry, just wear larger prints instead of smaller ones and slay!
  • Leggings: just because you have a little extra flesh doesn’t mean you cannot rock leggings. Pair it with a long blouse or top or find those with stylish details, wear them and feel great.
  • Horizontal stripes: The thicker the stripes, the better. Don’t let anybody tell you horizontal stripes will make you look fatter.
  • Bright colours: bright colours are not just for the slim figure. Plus-sized women wear vibrant hues too! Express yourself with your clothing.

Food: It is a common misconception that you must overeat food if you are plus-sized, that the more food you eat, the bigger you become. Due to this, a lot of plus-size people are very wary about their eating habits and eating in public.

  • You should know, you don’t have to give up eating your favourite snacks or foods because they might make you gain weight. Moderate quantities or a healthier version might be other options.
  • People with tell you to starve, skip meals or fast so you would lose weight. Hey, don’t listen. Portion control is vital. Always eat in smaller quantities because it gets the gears moving. Starving will cause you fatigue and might just land you in the hospital.
  • They say you have to go vegetarian. Lies. As long as you are eating more calories than you require, nothing will change.
  • Eating in public might worry you. You may wonder, ‘What will people think?’ But they will think what they like, and it’s not your problem. Treat yourself. You deserve to enjoy yourself, too.

Health and hygiene: It is assumed that you cannot be plus size and healthy. This is not a fact. Let’s take a look at the facts.

  • Lots of plus size people maintain healthy habits and have healthy cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.
  • Plus size women are also active! They do things that every other size of women does.
  • Some people might bother that plus size women have bad hygiene. Look, bathing regularly and using deodorant are things that plus size women do, too.

Sex: ‘Plus size women are no fun in the bedroom.’ Says who? You may worry that your body is not sexy enough, but it is. The roundness and softness of your body and the tummy pouch, it is all beautiful.

  • Being on top might bother you, but take a chance and try it. You will not break your partner. You would be grateful you did.
  • Do not let a man tell you ‘you would not be good at sex, due to your weight’. Remember, plus size women are as active as all other women out there.
  • Fat people look beautiful naked. Shocked? Don’t be. Wear lingerie and find a partner that appreciates you. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, after all.

Don’t be a stranger in your own body. Have fun, no limitations! Embrace a confident lifestyle and live to the fullest.

Photo Credit: Monif C

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