Relationship is a fundamental aspect of human existence. It is a natural part of your being human, and nothing can change that. At every point in time, there is a burning desire for companionship; after all, no one is an island.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to love and be loved; the feeling is indescribable and absolutely out of this world. Everyone deserves to experience it irrespective of your race, complexion or even size.

As a plus-sized woman, you too deserve to be in a romantic relationship. All you need to do is to open your heart to the reality surrounding you and give love a chance.

Do you know how many men out there are desperately seeking the attention and affection of a fleshy female?

Well, you never know until you give yourself a chance.

I know that you may feel awkward or out of place, especially when you go on dates to public places. Yes, I understand how you feel, especially when people try to body shame you or act in ways that leave you feeling uncomfortable in public places.

But remember we have talked about how to handle such toxic people and so the practical lessons should come in handy here.

 First, you are human; secondly, you are a woman, and a beautiful one at that so you deserve to be loved, treated kindly and taken on dates.

Here are a few ideas on where you can go on dates:

  • The Cinema:

Rarely would you find anyone who doesn’t like to watch a movie, especially a romantic one. So grab the opportunity and set a movie date with your favourite person.

  • Lunch/Dinner:

Not only will this give you two the chance to quench your hunger and thirst, you get to understand each other’s diet, favourite meal and you two can also share meal ideas.

  • A picnic:

Everyone loves to have a picnic. Imagine sitting or even laying down on a cool fabric under the shade of a tree with that special person. Lovely feeling, right? You can just relax and unwind without stress enjoying the presence of nature around you.

  • The Museum:

Visiting a museum is almost like embarking on a tourism trip. You get to learn something new about almost everything you see.

  • Fashion show:

This is another fun time, most importantly, because of who you are with. You admire outfits and share opinions about different attires. It could eventually lead to shopping sometimes, who doesn’t like getting a new outfit?

  • The Coffee shop:

Visiting the coffee shop can be done during your break time. It is an excellent time to spend a few minutes with your partner before continuing the other activities of the day.

  • The beach:

Just the thought of spending time at the beach is enough to make anyone ecstatic and filled with exciting thoughts. Taking a walk or sitting by the beach is an experience that cannot be traded, one that you ought to have with your partner.

  • A comedy show:

Laughter is good medicine; there is no doubt about it. A comedy show is a time to relax and allow yourself to get cracked up with humour. You should not miss this opportunity.

  • A boat or ferry ride:

This is one amazing pleasure ride you need to enjoy and who best to enjoy it with if not your date.

  • Library or bookstore:

Reading is an insightful and eye-opening experience. So visiting the library or book store will do you good. You can take a walk to the book store with that special person, hold hands and exchange ideas about different issues. This is also an excellent time to get to know each other and ignite more sparks in your relationship.

Let me add that once you find that special person that makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel exceptional, he will appreciate you for who you are. He will be attracted to your plus size but more in love with your personality.

The truth is that outward appearance is important, but the person in the body is the most important. So anyone patient and bold enough to look past your size will be blessed to meet the amazing person you are.

As long as he is proud to walk with you in public places, you should reciprocate the pride by confidently holding his hand, with shoulders lifted and head raised high because you are a Queen and deserve to be treated as one.

What people say or think about you or your body size does not matter. Hey! It’s your body, not theirs so own it with confidence and pride; it will intimidate them.

Say yes to that date!

Please be safe and practice good hygiene and social distancing.

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