Nothing seems to be more annoying than the constantly-occurring friction that you experience when your inner thighs rub each other. It might cause you to stress a lot, thinking, “Maybe if I hit the gym and lost all these curves I would not have to deal with this,” or, “If I had a thigh gap, my inner thighs wouldn’t fight so often.”

You will be intrigued to know that ‘chub rub’ is not a ‘chubby girl’ problem. It is an ‘every girl’ problem. The friction isn’t due to the beautiful extra fat around your thigh, because even slimmer ladies deal with chafing too.


As the weather gets hotter, it is normal to want to wear less and less clothing. Sweaters turn to light blouses and trousers turn to shorts, dresses or skirts. And while it is really cute and appropriate for the weather, your thighs finally get to meet.

In warm weather, sweating is almost inevitable. So the moisture, combined with the friction equals a recipe for disaster. The thighs begin to chafe, they hurt a little too much, and you are forced to walk awkwardly in a bid to keep your thighs apart.

Even wet clothes could contribute to chafing, for instance, going to the beach and wearing your swimsuit for hours on end.


Good question.

  • Stay Dry: Since you cannot change the weather, the next best thing is to keep your thighs as dry as possible. After exercise or any activity that causes you to sweat, find a shade and let your thighs dry before walking around.
  • Powder: Powder is one way to stall sweat, especially if you do not sweat excessively. Excessive sweating can also cause the powder to clump off and contribute to chafing.
  • Oils work too: If friction causes your thighs to suffer wear, try going in the opposite direction by slathering on some oil. With enough lubrication, friction cannot occur. Genius right? You’re welcome.
  • Balms: There are anti-chafing balms that have been made to prevent chafing in athletes, like cyclists. If these are sure to work for people who engage in rigorous activity, it will definitely work for women taking a walk down the street. Some people use stick deodorant or antiperspirant, but it tends to rub off in a short amount of time.
  • Clothing: To avoid your thighs rubbing against each other, wear short bike shorts or spanks (tights) underneath your dress or skirt, these help in putting a barrier between the thighs. Now they might defeat the purpose of wearing dresses, which is to feel cool down there, so you have the option of using bandelettes (thigh bands that help you prevent chafing).

Also, wear shorts made of synthetic fibres. Avoid cotton because it is very absorbent and doesn’t allow moisture to escape.


Not to worry, there are measures you can take to manage or revert chafing.

  1. Rinse your thighs with mild soap and cool water.
  2. Apply Aloe Vera gel; it has a great soothing effect on wounds. 
  3. Use an antibacterial cream to prevent infection.
  4. Try keeping thighs apart till they heal.
  5. Don’t squeeze the bumps; they could turn into sores.

These tricks have worked for a lot of women, so it most likely would work for you. But if the chafing seems really awful or painful, see a dermatologist. Professional advice is always the best advice.

Hope this helps you wear all the beautiful dresses that flaunt all those curves!

Photo Credit: health magazine

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