The ‘F’ word.

It is a taboo to say it.

Everyone tiptoes around it like it is hot coal. We have created an altar around the word, giving it more power than it deserves. And because the world now knows that the word fat is the Achilles-heel of a plus-size person, they never hesitate to use it in derogatory instances.  

But when someone tells you, “Don’t eat that chunk of unhealthy food, it will make you fat,” it doesn’t translate to hatred. Living a sedentary lifestyle and binging on bad food will inevitably end in fatness. It is just the truth, and that feeling of bile you get is why they say, ‘The truth is bitter.’

The word fat is an adjective, should be used the same way colours are, for instance, ‘A red car,’ ‘a yellow summer dress,’ ‘a fat lady.’ Just the same way you use slim, tall or short to describe a person. Do not let it mean more than a descriptive word to you.

Even with food, we assume that we should avoid fatty foods at all costs, especially when you are trying not to gain any weight. But fat should be a staple in your diet as it is the primary source of energy in the body. Besides, you don’t get fat by eating fat; it’s all in the calories. And foods rich in fat fill you up more than those rich in carbs, and this helps you feel fuller for much longer and reduces the tendency to snack during the day.

What would you do if you found out that most of your favourite fruits are very rich in fat? You eat them because they make you feel fuller than other fruits. They are known as ‘healthy fat’ or in simpler words, the good kind of fat.

There are three major types of fat; unsaturated (good), saturated (bad) and trans (the worst) fat. Now the reason these other fats are bad for you is not that they make you ‘fat’, excess calories are solely responsible for that. They are bad for cardiovascular health, meaning they could clog your arteries due to high cholesterol levels. 

Time to blow your mind with a few of these foods that are rich in fats but you would never suspect because studies have shown that eating them has even contributed a great deal to weight loss, in fact, they are highly recommended to those undergoing the weight loss journey.

  1. Avocadoes: They contain about 77% fat. Mind-blowing, right?
  2. Fish: Especially the fatty ones like mackerel and salmon.  They also contain omega-3 fatty acids that are great for heart health.
  3. Nuts: These are not only loaded with fibre, but they are also a source of healthy fats.
  4. Full fat yoghurt.
  5. Eggs: Yes, including the yolk!

The most exciting thing to note is that these good fats improve metabolism, so they help you burn fat even faster and reduce or prevent health complications.

You see, fat is good.

Let go of the stigma around the word; we should not always be quick to associate the word with a thing that is ugly or unwanted. Fat is good, and it is beautiful. So are you!

Photo Credit: Lizzo

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