There is a common misconception that being plus-sized translates to being overweight, or it somehow means you have an unhealthy weight. Hmm. Very wrong idea.

Though there are numerous researches to prove otherwise, people still carry on touting these fallacies. Too bad if you ask me. But hey, the multitude isn’t always right, you know.

Let me help clear the air about this misinterpretation. Being plus-sized simply means that you have extra body weight or fat than the regular person while being overweight means that you have excess fat than necessary.

Did you notice the difference? The main difference between being plus-sized and being overweight is that one is extra fat while the other is excess fat. That’s all.

The extra is what makes you unique, and no extra doesn’t hurt in any way.

Now according to size charts and experts, it is believed plus size starts from a 12 or 14. Meaning if you wear any of these sizes and above, you fall under this category. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you are overweight.

Having said that, take note of the following as a plus-sized person.

  • Know your weight class:

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a value used to measure and categorise people according to their weight classes. By this classification, depending on your height, you can be plus-size and definitely not overweight. You can also find out what you weight by using a scale. Ensure to find out your weight and height.

  • Taking your measurement:

If you do not already know what size you fall under, it is very easy to find out by taking measurements of your body. The three standard measurements to consider are; bust, waist and hip. The best and easiest way to find this out is by getting the appropriate measurement from your tailor using a measuring tape. This will also help you when you are shopping for clothes.

  • Stay healthy:

As a plus-sized person, you must ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially by what you eat because this is what reflects on your weight. You can check out recommendations for your feeding in previous posts too.

Knowing all of these, you should stay conscious of the health implications of being overweight. To avoid health complications, it is essential to maintain a healthy body weight by staying active, eating healthy and working out as often as possible.

This goes to show that a person can be plus-size and well within standard weight classes while another could be plus-size and overweight.

While beauty standards and body shaming remain rife, with a particular body type becoming the more widely accepted one, it is vital to remember that whatever body size or weight class you belong to, you are not any less beautiful than anybody else and that is a fact.

There you have it! You are plus-sized and pretty! Beauty lies within you.

Photo Credit: Black Coffy

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