Movies play a huge role in either shaming or helping people. That is why you are often advised to mind the kind of movies you see, as they might either drive you to depression or bring you out of it. That said, here are five movies that inspire confidence in plus-size women, movies you must see.

  1. Drop Dead Diva:

There are so many weird supernatural stuff about this series, but here is a short story about the movie. So, a hot blondie dies and returns in the body of a brilliant plus-size lawyer. Now she has to learn how to love her body, love herself, and be completely different. Drop Dead Diva is a series of 6, and it is one you will enjoy.

  • Pitch Perfect:

There is just one character in this movie that you are bound to fall in love with, and that is Rebel Wilson who plays the role of Amy. She calls herself “Fat Amy,” and all the confidence she exudes will not even let anyone think of body-shaming her. She is a force in the movie.

  • I Feel Pretty:

This Amy Schumer’s movie teaches women how to love their bodies, in all the plus-size beauty they come in, learning how to look good regardless, and how to shun the negativity from the outside.

  • Skinny Girl in Transit:

This is an Ndani TV Web Series about a plus-size girl who wanted to lose weight and find love. At the end of the series, she doesn’t lose weight, yet she finds love. It has nothing to do with her weight after all. All she needs is to love herself better and voila! It all works out. You should see this on Ndani TV, YouTube.

  • Real Women Have Curves:

This movie is based on a girl called Ana. She is plus-size, with a mother who never fails to remind her. She pushes for respect and gets it. She tells the world and her meanie of a mother that she is more than her looks and her weight and she makes sure that they listen. Real Women Have Curves is a 2002 movie, but it’s still gold.

Always watch movies that do not bring you down, movies like these. Keep your head up. Sashay those curves. You are more than your looks and your weight and you deserve everything good.

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