I am, I shall, I can, I will. Four ways to affirm yourself.

Starting your day right is imperative. A necessity. This is how you direct your day. This is how you carve out your day. But taking time to remind You of your own worth is priceless. Who else will do this but You?

With the rise of low self esteem in thicker women it is of most importance that we continually remind ourselves first, that we are beautiful, strong, independent, and worthy of love and respect. We are the ones to speak these words into our life. Gradually believing in them, until we have established our acceptance of our unique shape and size.

Here are four phrases that you can use:
I Am.
This phrase is looking at the person you are or what you are attaining to be. Use it to find your reason for living and loving yourself. Use this phrase to know who You are and what You want to be known as. Think about who you are and what you want. Now say it.

I Shall.
Are their things you would like to do to improve your life? Let’s start speaking them into our being. Let us, together, outline and implement them in Your life. It does not matter the area that you want improved, say it to yourself. You are the only one who can know your future plans. Let’s work towards a start by making it your mantra.

I Can.
This is the power phrase. The phrase that empowers and up plifts you. You already know your strengths and weaknesses, then focus on your strength. Do not let anyone take that away from you. On those days that you are feeling defeated or deflated, use this phrase to pull you back. Use it to remind yourself why their is no price on your self worth.

I Will.
Without growth, without learning daily, we are not living. With this phrase you are making the conscious effort to learn more about yourself and change what You believe can make You a better person. This is where your growth will show. What are you learning about yourself, about your life that you may have neglected or wasn’t aware of? Add a new skill maybe? Or new ways of doing things that you have considered mundane. Use this phrase as an opportunity to redefine where you are now and where you would like to be.

Take 10 minutes to spend on building yourself as we continue this road to self love and acceptance.

These are just my four suggestions. What are some of the ways you affirm yourself?

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