Widely, a woman’s hair is considered to be her crown, a title that is well-deserving giving how prominent the hair is. With just your hair you can make a profound fashion statement.

And as a plus-sized woman, it’s even more so because people assess your fashion savvy through your style and hair!

People want to know that besides your confidence — which depicts boldness, fearlessness, and strength — you are a fashionable woman who knows how to style herself, even her hair.

That said, since your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, it is doubly important for you to have it in good shape. You don’t want to be looking good and then have people do a double-take because your hair looks scruffy. No! That is why we will be talking about all the lovely hairstyles you can rock in today’s article.

  • Braids:

Who can fault a beautifully done braid? Just who? Braids are one of the widest known hairstyles for African women. They are beautiful plaits that can be made to different sizes. They are also very versatile, meaning you can switch them up every once in a while.

  • Short hair:

Do you currently wear short hair and don’t know what to make of it? The truth is that short hair can be styled; and contrary to popular myths, short hair is beautiful!

Yes, short hair is beautiful and can be styled in curls or bob, depending on your preference. There is a long list of creative short hairstyles you can choose from. You can even take it a step further by adding a bang or fringe in front. As long as you love it and are ready to wear it with confidence.

  • Buns:

This is a pretty relaxed hairstyle that you can wear when you gather your hair in one single bundle. A bun is wrapped on the top of your head to form something like a doughnut. Interestingly, it can also be styled at the base of your head or in the middle. One thing is sure; it always gives a youthful appearance.

  • Dreads:

This is one hairstyle that has stood the test of time. If you’re thinking of styling your hair in a dreadlock, you don’t have to worry about it looking untidy because you can manage locks at any length. Short, mid-length, and long, locks can be styled to perfection. Just make sure you use the services of a professional loctician.

  • Cornrows:

The process of making this style involves making single plaits of hair that lie flat on the head. It can be woven intricately into a variety of styles that are appealing to the eyes, whether plaited to the back or side of the hair. Cornrows are a must for classic ladies.

  • Wavy hair:

This hairstyle can be swiftly achieved with either rollers or with extensions, and it doesn’t matter if you have naturally curly hair or not. Wavy hair can also be rocked in long lengths or short ones, depending on your preference.

  • Afro:

We are in the age of the naturalista.

African women are re-discovering the beauty of their natural hair, and they are wearing it without any apologies. Afros are of African origin and are one of those hairstyles that work beautifully with African facial features. And if you have straightened hair but will like to rock an afro, you can achieve the look with afro wigs and extension.

  • Ponytail:

This looks more beautiful for those with full-length hair, though with extensions added, anyone can adorn this hairstyle. All it takes is putting the hair together in one bundle and plaiting the gathered hair into one large lump like a rope.

  • Long hair:

There are a variety of long hairstyles that can announce your presence in a room. It may require the use of extensions for those with short natural hair, and it could be achieved using your natural hair. Regardless, long hair can take different forms from straight to curly or wavy.

With any of these hairstyles, you can be sure that heads will keep turning in your direction. So, let’s give that hair a slaying effect!

Photo Credit: hottesthaircuts

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