No matter the body size or type, every person must incorporate healthy habits and choices in their lifestyle, as every human is prone to illness at any time in their life. And your choices could either make or ruin you.

As a plus-size person, to stay in optimum health, and to appear and feel great, there are some tips you would love to add to your arsenal of things to live by.

Hydrate: Drink lots of water, as it is beneficial to the overall wellbeing of the body. It helps in delivering oxygen to the body as well as lubricating the joints, skin and digestive health and protecting the kidney from damage.

Record your eating habits: Ensure to take note of the things you eat. By doing that, you can easily keep track of the things that are unhealthy for you, make certain tweaks, and still stick to eating the things you like; only healthier this time.

Nutrient-rich food/ fruits and vegetables: To get your required nutrient intake, you should eat foods that contain these nutrients. We all know that fruits and vegetables are one of the easiest ways to get most of the necessary nutrients and are fibre-rich.

Cut down carbohydrates: Carbs aren’t the enemy, because the body needs the energy to carry out functions within the cell. But too many carbs can pile up as fat for long term storage in the adipose tissue.

Avoid using soap and harsh products for your intimate area: The vagina is self-cleansing. Meaning you only need to wash the exterior with warm water. Avoid douching, or use of soaps and other products that claim to be intimate cleansers. They could alter the pH of the vagina, thereby causing the growth of fungi of bacteria that cause a foul odour.

Exercise: This cannot be overemphasised. Not only does it burn calories, but it also keeps you alert, adds pep in your step and supplies you with a boost of energy to go about your day.

Avoid over the top measures: To lose weight, some people tend to go to extreme lengths like starving and avoiding carbohydrate-rich foods entirely. This could result in fatigue and other health complications that may arise from lack of nutrition.

No to salt and sugar: Overeating salt makes your body retain water. This retention could lead to an increase in your blood pressure. And high blood pressure causes strain on your heart and arteries and leaves you at risk of cardiovascular disease. Excess sugar could cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and also poses a threat to cardiovascular health.

Take baths regularly: Sweat contains bacteria, which after a while could cause the body to smell. Cool showers are recommended as they are not only refreshing, but help to close pores to shield them from harmful bacteria.

Shave your privates: Underarm and pubic hairs tend to harbour smells, and need to be removed regularly; if not done, could give off an offensive odour. Using razors or hair removal creams are an excellent method to get rid of them.

All these tips would help you remain confident, healthy and happy as a plus-size. Remember always to have a positive outlook as you go about your day because if your mind is right, your body will follow suit!

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