We have entered a new era of visibility and acceptance for the plus-size. Before this time, there has never been a higher demand for the plus-size model like now. But we must give credit to those plus-size models that set the pace, designers who gave their resources and support and all the activists who advocated for the cause.

Currently, plus-size modelling is the fastest growing sector in the modelling industry and all the brands that used to cater for sizes from only 12 and below are starting to extend their sizes or even create entire collections for the plus-size, incredible right? It really is.

Even as a plus-size model, some rules apply to every model and you are not exempt from them. There are many ways to position yourself to get into the fashion/modelling industry and we will delve into them:


  1. Care for your body: like every model, you are expected to have great teeth, hair, skin, and nails. You also need a toned body; so you must be in shape and hit the gym regularly. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water is also necessary.
  2. Fitting: You have to be aware of your height and size measurements. Some of the criteria of these agencies are rigid, so it is up to you to find the requirements you fit and go for them.
  3. Mental health and confidence: Practice self-love and positive self-talk. Be in the right frame of mind for the industry because being a public figure sometimes is brutal. Be confident in your looks and your body.


  1. Research: Find out the agencies that work with plus-size models. Some agencies contract models of all sizes, some work solely with the plus-size and others do not work with them at all. Look at their statistics and know which one is a good fit for you. Study the top models, designers, and photographers in the industry; understand how they work and what they require.
  2. Create your portfolio: You need to have a professional resume like every other job requires. But in this case, your portfolio should comprise of pictures, mainly headshots (one taken straight-up and the other in profile), a waist-up photo, and a full-body shot of excellent quality.
  3. Practice: Master your craft, take classes if you can or must. Understand your angles and know what poses and lighting are the most flattering for you.  


  1. Contact the agencies:  Find the contact information and send an email to the agency or agencies you want to work with. Ensure to include your details; size, height and measurements alongside your photos. Don’t forget to add your contact information in case they need to reach you.
  2. Attend casting calls: Find out if the agency has an open call or attend if you have been invited. Make inquiries to know if you need to come along with anything, especially clothes. Dress well but not loudly. Be confident.
  3. Grow your network: Succeeding in the plus-size industry requires a great deal of networking. Introduce yourself to agents and representatives of the agencies you want to work with. Talk to other models in the industry who might give you tips or information you might need to grow.

With the right mindset, patience, and dedication, you will find yourself excelling in no time!

Photo Credit: Lyfe Republic

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