You see, in the workplace, everyone is expected to be civil. Like keep-your-nasty-opinions-to-yourself civil, but because humans will always be humans, that does not quite happen. As a matter of fact, humans have now learnt how to dish out the insults in a somewhat civil manner, that you do not even know that you have been insulted unless you were quick to catch that condescending air around them and you.

So, yes. Just in case you were wondering if you were safe from body shaming in the workplace, you aren’t.

But what you can do is handle it, so it does not continue. Someone’s lack of emotional intelligence and proper human relationship should not be your fault; you do not have to deal with humans who were not raised properly. You will have to handle this and get them off your back.

That said, here are three ways you can properly handle body shaming in the workplace

Wake up feeling positive about your body: This sounds like what you are doing for yourself rather than what you are doing to stop it. But when you already feel positive about your body, the negatives might not get to you as much as it is supposed to because you already have that positive shield blocking you. So, wakeup, give yourself that long-ass mirror vanity pep talk, raise your shoulders and walk into the office. When someone tells you that you are anything different than what you already feel like, your reaction would not be that of a person who is defeated, but someone who has an in-depth knowledge of herself and would not let anyone bring her down or tell her what she is not. This is the first step to dealing with a bully: taking charge of yourself and feeling confident in yourself.

Say what you want to say: Do not ever cower before a bully. If there is something you need to let this uncouth human hear, say it with your chest, simply put, say it with confidence. Do not be afraid that they will report you, because that invariably means they will have to say what they did that triggered you, and we already know they would not say it. Always speak up and return fire with brimstone, or better yet, the whole of hades. Never let them win; you can always fight back. You have to.

Report to your superiors: Every office should have an anti-discrimination and anti-bullying code they operate by. Anyone body shaming you is both discriminating and bullying you. Take it to the superiors and lay your complaints. No, you are not a cry baby, you are taking power away from a bully, and it takes one memo or query to get them in line. To do this, you will need to have proof, so record conversations with them, or make sure someone else heard them be mean to you.

Do not let anyone make you feel less beautiful. You are amazing; do not let anyone tell you differently.

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