We have established the fact that you are fat, fleshy or plus-sized, whichever makes you feel special, so this is just to remind you that the size of your body does not in any way make you less of who you are.

You are beautiful irrespective of your size or body weight, and this should make you feel good and raise your head high in the clouds.

In this New Year, you should aim to be better than you were last year. Many folks take time to set New Year resolutions for themselves, and I would encourage you to do the same for yourself especially as regards your health.

Make a deliberate decision to stay healthy, not minding your size. To maintain a healthy body this season, you have to be careful with the following:

  • What you eat:

Everything you eat has a way of reflecting on your body and size afterwards. That is why you should be mindful of your feeding at all times. There are certain meals you should abstain from while you concentrate on healthy meals that will leave you looking fresh. As a plus-sized person, you need to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, less fatty nuts, and proteins. Stay away from carbs and junks that would increase your body weight.

  • What you drink:

When it comes to liquids, concentrate more on water. It is important because it aids digestion, keeps you hydrated all day, regulates your body temperature and leaves you looking fresh and healthy. Also taking water helps to keep you full even without eating.  In addition to taking lots of water, you can take green tea, ginger drinks, and vegetable juice. As much as possible, avoid carbonated drinks, other processed sugar and sweetened beverages.

  • Exercise:

According to Dr Glenn Gaesser, a professor of Exercise and wellness from Arizona University, “A body that exercises regularly, is generally a healthy body, whether that body is fat or thin.” This is enough reason for you to engage your body in exercise so that you can keep fit and stay healthy all year long. Exercise helps you burn calories and carbs that can increase your body weight.

  • Sleep and Rest:

No matter how busy you may be all day, always make out time to get a good rest and sleep else you may overwork your body and lose the chance of being as active as you should be. Sleep helps to improve your concentration and productivity level, it gives your body time to relax and refresh and it also reduces the risk of gaining weight and having heart issues.

With determination and consistency in doing all of the above, you are definitely going to maintain a very healthy body in the year 2020.

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