What is insecurity? Insecurity is a lack of confidence in oneself. It’s when you feel uncertain about decisions, actions you may take. This is where you may seem like you have lost control of your thoughts towards your personal ideas or personal thoughts.

Anyone can feel insecure. Both men and women can experience this feeling of insecurity. You do not have to be a particular size, colour, ethnicity to experience a feeling of insecurity. In the thicker woman it’s usually focused on their weight issues. This feeling can then create anxiety and cause self-imposed harming which creates a cycle of low self appreciation. (I hate myself. I hate my weight. I will just eat to calm myself. Omg, I’ve put on some pounds. I hate myself. I hate my weight.)

For some of us we stay and dwell on the feeling of not being able to control our eating habits, or that feeling of self hate.

Why do you feel insecure?
You feel insecure because you make irrational interpretations about yourself or about your ability to get something done. You are hard on yourself. Especially when the world puts added pressure on us to fulfill certain deadlines. We are overwhelmed by the request made, and take out the frustrations on ourselves. Causing a malfunction in our self appreciation.

We must understand is this, We Are All Different. We are all unique. Both in body and our fingerprints. Even our dna differs. No two people are alike. No two people are created same. We may have similar features, likes even dislikes, but we each have our own capabilities, ideas and fingerprints to prove how special we are.

In my own moments of self doubt, I turned to the following for guidance:

BeBold. Wear colours, clothes, things that you were told not to. Even try some new drink, sport or activity. Go out of your comfort zone.
What have you never tried before?

BeYou. Show the world who you are. Your accomplishments. That you are more than just a fat woman. Write down everything you have accomplished. Even Minor details and share them with others.
Who are you?

BeTrue. Find your truth, your passion and live it. Trust it. Accept it.
What is your vision or passion for your life?

Believe. Believe in yourself and your worth.
What is your belief?

Yes, their are experiences we do not have to go through, but when it comes to your body insecurities, it’s better to not fear the thing that you were told you should fear. Take control of that which is holding you back. You can do this. Together we can do this.

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