Hey there! You must be one of those people who worry about going out in public. You worry about the stares and the snide comments about your weight. Everyone assumes one thing or the other about you. You are tired of the unsolicited advice, by people who do not know your history, on how to shed some pounds and become healthy. I know it can be exhausting, but that does not mean you should hide behind closed doors while the world keeps moving. You have got to put yourself out there so that the world can witness you and all your plus size awesomeness.

There are many ways you can position yourself in the crowd as a plus-size beauty; these are a few:

Mindset: No matter what size you are, you have to know and believe in your heart that you belong with the world. A few extra pounds do not make you less or more than everybody else. You matter. You belong. And as long as you know this, the rest of the world will have no choice but to adjust.

Attitude: The way you carry yourself determines how people will respond to you. Wear a smile, but also know when to be serious. Hold gazes and have a firm handshake. Be confident in your walk, your talk, and your actions. Be unapologetic, but kind. Remember, whatever you put out to the world is what eventually comes back to you.

Dressing: They say, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” This is because your dressing, like it or not, is the first thing people notice about you and it creates an impression in their minds. It’s the way you conclude anybody wearing a police uniform is a cop until some context is applied and then it might just be the person was only wearing a costume! So dress the part when going to a particular gathering, or event. Dressing is a form of expression also, so if you have a specific message you want to pass, choose your outfits critically and you just might send that message across to whomever it may concern.

Speech: Once spoken, words cannot be taken back. You either regret them, or you don’t. It’s a double-edged sword. Don’t be the one everybody is uneager to go to places with because you’re either too loud or too quiet. Be very tactful with your words because even though you might forget the things you say the people you say them to will always remember. Speak with wisdom.

Reading: Read a book, or twenty. Don’t stop reading because there’s always something to learn. All the knowledge in the world has found its way into lines and pages. Are you going somewhere new? Read about it. Surf the internet, read blogs and articles that could help with a problem you are trying to solve. When you know things, people are impressed by you. Be impressive.

Mingle: Don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t hide in corners, eyeing people who are having the time of their lives. Talk to people, laugh or smile. You are a plus-size woman, not a carrier of a contagious disease. Have the right body language. Be in the moment and have fun. And if you are to stand out, let it be because of something outstanding you have done.

The world is outside your door, and you are a crucial part of it. Go out and live it to the fullest. It’s yours, conquer it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credit: kipfashion

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