One thing you should always have at the back of your mind is that being a plus-sized or fleshy person is never an excuse to look anything less than fresh always.

Let me remind you that because of your size, you are most likely going to be in the spotlight more often than not, so you have to make extra effort to ensure that you stand out consistently.

In other words, you should never be caught unfresh as a fleshy person. Give those around you multiple reasons to admire you and look up to you always. Remember, you are not ordinary.

Now how do you ensure that you are as fresh as can be? Here are a few tips you should not neglect:

  • A Fresh Start:

Always start your day with a good shower and please be generous with your bath. You don’t know how long you are going to be outdoor so take your time to wash, scrub, and clean your body thoroughly. Shower time is time for serious business as a fleshy person. There is every tendency for you to feel hot later in the day, well, depending on the weather condition so indulge yourself while bathing and ensure every part of your body is properly washed, cleaned and dried.

  • Fresh breath always:

The importance of a fresh breath can never be stressed enough. The truth is, bad breath is a turnoff; of course nobody would like to interact with anyone with bad breath. The more reason you should make sure your dentition is adequately taken care of always. It is medically recommended to brush at least twice a day. Note that if you consume any food that makes your breath unfresh, you may need to give your mouth another wash too.

  • Toiletries are very necessary:

It would be best if you never were out of deodorants, moisturising creams/lotions, powder, wipes and other toiletries that help improve your freshness. As much as possible, you can have them handy as you leave home. The wipes are essential because they help you maintain a high level of sanitation and cleanliness all day. Your hands and feet should be clean at all times to avoid them breeding dirt or having a foul smell. A comb or brush should also be in your possession too, who knows, they may be useful to you at any time.

  • Neat clothes and undies:

We have talked about how important your dressing is, the dos and don’ts of dressing for a fleshy person and I sure do hope you will practice this especially with your undies too. Once you do not feel comfortable in any outfit, please do not wear them. You do not need to subject your body to any form of discomfort. Not at all. You should always dress neat and beautiful and your dressing should be on point every time. Do not settle for less. You deserve the best.

  • Extra cleanliness during your flow:

Now, this is the most important tip for all females. That time of the month is very special and you must take extra measures to care for yourself. Shower and change as much as possible during your period. This is very compulsory too.

  • Fresh smell all day:

Everyone that comes in contact with you is going to notice how you smell. That is an inevitable fact. So you should always have your perfume or cologne handy to help you sustain a lovely smell all day.

Dear fleshy lady, please do well to adhere to these tips to maintain a fresh body at all times.

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