Appearance is a vital aspect of your life, and it determines how people would see you. That is why it is a known fact that you are addressed the way you dress.

With that in mind, it is essential you dress in clothes that speak well about you and reflect your personality.

When you meet people, your outfit tells a lot about you even before you engage in discussion with them. So, it is smart to put on outfits that are true representation of you because you may not have the opportunity to create a first impression a second time.

Many of the female folks have a struggle with getting the right outfit for the right occasion, and this becomes a battle whenever they have events to attend. The most common phrase used as an excuse for not being able to honour an invitation or visit someone is “I don’t know what to put on.”

It can be so bad at times that it detains some naturally outdoor people and confines them indoors because they don’t want to go through the rigour of scrabbling through the wardrobe.

There are cases of ladies who dress up and head out but don’t feel comfortable in what they put on and this discomfort makes them to sometimes battle with inferiority complex.

Speaking about comfortable clothes, some of the female folks have a problem with size; they continuously make the mistake of getting clothes that are either too small or too big.

I must add that if your clothes do not fit well on your body, whether big or small, it can make you look ridiculous when you ought to be exuding beauty and confidence.

Recent survey shows that a handful of people do not understand their body type, shape or size of their various body parts, and this severely affects their choice of outfit, which in turn can affect their personality.

This post is going to give you a lasting solution to cloth issues and guide you on how to find the appropriate outfit that would make you feel good about yourself.

Remember that if you don’t feel good about yourself, people can never appreciate your appearance.

Here are a few tips on how to shop for outfits that fit:

  • Measurement

A lot of people do not get this right. They just assume their size and this results in wrong choices because they do not have the right size. You can visit a tailor to take the exact measurement of your body parts so that you can be sure that you know your correct size. A professional measurement is necessary to avoid errors while shopping. Areas to measure include bust, height, hip, waist and shoulders.

  • Always check for the cloth size

Whenever you go to a cloth store, ask for a size chart for the clothes and compare it with your own body measurement. This will guide you in picking clothes that match your body size.

  • Test the clothes before buying

When shopping, especially if you are visiting the shop, make sure you try out the cloth before you buy it. Go to the changing room with the clothes you are considering and try them before a mirror. If possible, move around, move your body parts and ensure they fit and are comfortable. Your clothes should fit you well, and still have enough room for movement.

  • Consider the biggest part of your body

Body types differ and vary from one person to another. Two people may have similar sizes, but one person may have wider hips while the other person has a bigger bust or is taller. Knowing your own measurement will help you identify the bigger parts of your body. Before you pick a cloth, put into consideration the largest part of your body and ensure the cloth fits that body part well before considering other parts.

  • Get a second opinion

While you still have the clothes on, get someone to examine them and confirm how they look. There is no harm in getting a second opinion before deciding on which cloth fits you best.

  • Make adjustments

You may have been in a situation where you really like a particular outfit, but a part of it doesn’t sit well on you. Here’s a little trick for such cases. You can buy the cloth if it is slightly bigger than a part of your body or feels loose around certain areas, and afterwards take it to your tailor to adjust it. This may just you cost a little extra cash.

You may also want to consider some of these when shopping: type of fabric, your complexion and colour combination, patterns on clothes, personal style preference, matching shoes and accessories, etc.

These depend on your personal taste, weather condition and the purpose for which you are using the cloth.

Remember that be it tops, pants, shirts, skirts, jackets or underwears, they must be firm, comfortable and allow easy movement. Also, note that there should be a few inches room enough for daily body size changes.

Now you know how to shop for that outfit that brings out the look you have always pictured. Go get it.

Photo Credit: Shoppe Black

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