Just as every human needs clothes to cover their nakedness, keep warm and protect their bodies, so is lingerie to every woman.

What most of you may not know is that your undies are even more important than clothes, especially as plus-sized folk.

Your underwear brings out the beauty of any cloth you put on and helps to package your body so that the outfit gives you appropriate and admirable fitting.

Another error you females make is not getting the right underwear for the right outfit. That is to say, the outfit is good, but the underwear is wrong and that automatically makes the outfit lose its beauty. This mismatch can cost you a lot, for those of you on the mission to slay.

How do you slay when there’s something wrong with your appearance? Impossible!

Now let’s get it right!

Speaking of lingerie, these are very helpful and essential accessories for every woman’s wardrobe and they consist of underwear; that is your bras and panties, and lightweight robes. They can be made of silk, satin, lycra, chiffon or lace and are tender fabrics that boost your confidence in outfits.

Let me inform you that lingeries help to add a touch of sexiness to you as a woman and they are ‘must have’s. Whether to be worn under your clothes or for sleep time, you should not miss them.

When shopping for lingeries, you must consider these:

  1. Fitting size:

Lingeries can be bought online or offline and are available in almost every area once you find the right place. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the importance of knowing your body size and this will really come in handy here. Your lingerie is supposed to fit your body firmly and sit very well on you else its purpose is defeated. Confirm your exact body size before you place your order online and if you are going to the shop, do not hesitate to try them on before purchasing. If possible, go with a friend, a second opinion won’t hurt. They should not be too tight or too loose; the fitting should be exact and help your body sit well packaged in outfits.

  • Colour compliment:

I’m sure you know that lingeries come in different colours though there are specific colours that will perfectly blend with your complexion and skin tone. That’s another thing you must consider before your purchase. You should also select them wisely when matching them with your outfits; you wouldn’t want the colour of your underwear to be reflecting in your dress especially in a professional setting.

  • Design and style:

There are a variety of designs and styles that will definitely catch your fancy once you are shopping for lingeries even if you didn’t have any in mind before then. You may not necessarily need a second opinion on this after all; it will be worn by ‘YOU’ alone. Certainly, you have your taste so feel free to express it with whatever style or design works for you.

  • Comfortability:

Now because lingeries come in different fabric textures, you have a whole lot of options to choose from as long as the fabric you are picking doesn’t discomfort your skin in any way. Remember that anything you are not comfortable in is not worth putting on in the first place. Comfort is key.

Once you have gotten the right lingerie, don’t fail to try them on and if possible, wear your clothes on them and check them out to confirm if they actually meet your expectations or even exceed.

You can never go wrong with the right lingerie.

So let’s get you slaying all year long!

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