One of the characteristics of living things is perspiration, also known as sweating. Everybody sweats. It is one very sticky, discomforting yet natural and healthy aspect of your life that is both normal and acceptable.

Perspiration is a natural regulation process of the body whereby it responds to a warm or hot weather, stress, or physical activity. Sometimes anxiety, fear and anger can make you break out in sweats, but the most common cause of perspiration is physical activity, especially in hot weather.

It is the excretion of salt-based liquid, precisely water, from your sweat glands in order to control your body temperature.

You must have noticed that when you are outdoors during hot weather, it tends to be more than during cold weather.

One thing about perspiration is that it can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when you are outdoors. Your clothes may get stained, and if not handled carefully, it can also lead to a particular type of smell or what is commonly called body odour.

As a plus-sized woman, here are a few ways you can manage perspiration while outdoors:

  • Mind your clothing:

The kind of fabrics you wear while you are outdoors can also help in making you sweat more and give you discomfort if not taken into cognizance. It is better to put on loose-fitting and lighter clothes made of cotton during hot weather so that they give you more comfort instead of increasing your chances of sweating more. As much as possible, avoid tight clothes and fabrics made of nylon during hot weather.

  • Antiperspirants help:

Let me clarify here that there is a slight difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants are generally to help manage odour from sweating and make you smell fresh while antiperspirants help manage both sweating and odour. One of the active ingredients of antiperspirant is aluminium which helps to reduce sweat. This will enable you to stay dry and less sweaty when you are outdoor and maintain a fresh smell even while carrying out physical activities.

  • Take care of sweaty feet too:

It is not news that sometimes you may sweat on your feet. This can be taken care of by changing your footwear as often as you can and wearing comfortable footwear that allows your feet to get enough air. You can also use good cotton socks to help absorb the heat from your feet. Try to maintain dry feet by using recommended feet powder.

  • Wash your hands often:

Having mentioned that hot weather can make you sweat more, and it is your body temperature regulatory process, you will be amazed at how cool your body will feel when you wash your hands while outdoor. You can also try washing your face as well. It will help to cool off your body while it is heating up due to the weather.

  • Keep a handkerchief and face wipe handy:

You can never go wrong with a handkerchief; it always comes in handy. You can use it to dab once you feel so sweaty and uncomfortable. Also, a face wipe is very helpful, especially if you do not have access to water when you feel like taking a wash.

As a plus-sized woman, the importance of taking a shower as often as possible cannot be overemphasized because it not only helps you stay clean but leaves you smelling fresh always. It is also necessary to adhere to these hygienic tips to manage outdoor perspiration so that your presence is not just acknowledged but also acceptable and refreshing wherever you find yourself.

Now you know, stay fresh always!

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