Inspiration is a process of mental stimulation that boosts you and propels you into doing something creative.

In other words, when you are inspired, it spurs you to act. You don’t get inspired and remain the same. There is always a change or should I say transformation.

I know that many of you must have made resolutions and plans for the year 2020 and hoping to meet up to expectations. But I want you to know that you can only achieve these goals and aspirations when you do something differently.

The importance of reading can never be overemphasized; it’s now evident that readers are leaders. Reading helps you to acquire knowledge to do things differently. This time around these books will help you know people who are also in the plus-sized community with you and get you inspired through their personal experiences.

As a plus-sized person, here are a few books that can inspire you to act and think differently in order to get results:

  • Fat So!:

In this book, Marilyn Wann, a proud plus sized folk, bares it all out about how to feel good about yourself irrespective of your weight or body size. The author’s love for her own body will inspire you to see the beauty within you that no one else can see and help you to overcome any negative feelings you have previously had about yourself. With a few humours here and there, this book will leave you feeling positive and happy at the same time.

  • Things no one will tell fat girls:

This is a clarion call to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages by Jes Baker to embrace a life-changing revolution of loving their bodies. The author, in a very compelling yet understandable and acceptable tone, shares her personal experience to empower, urge and inspire you to stand and fight against any form of body shaming in all its appearance not minding whose ‘ox is gored’. As its name depicts, this is ‘A Handbook for unapologetic living’. So Jes Baker shares with you how to handle various situations in which you find yourself as a plus-sized person.

  • How I learned to love my body:

One thing that continually remains newsy worldwide is being a plus-sized woman. Everyone who sees you or comes in contact with you has something to say to you or about you. Kim Brittingham, author of this book has had her fair share of struggle with her weight and acceptance from those around her until she was able to learn how to love her self and her body unconditionally and with confidence. At this point, she began to enjoy her life as a plus-sized woman. In this book, she reveals the secrets of how self-love can boost confidence and boldness in the most inspiring as well as humorous way.

  • Your worth is not measured by the size of your waist:

Many of you still battle with your self worth as a plus-sized, and this book is definitely a remedy for that. It is sure to inspire you on how to stay positive even in situations that may seem uncomfortable like body shamming. This book is a must-read for every plus-sized woman.

The inspiration you need to make that next bold step may be hidden in any of these books, so do yourself a favour and read them.

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