Anyone can win, we just need to believe it. We need to live it. We need to embrace it.

Lizzo keeps winning. Yass!!! Queen Lizzo keeps showing up, and we, the people, keep letting her win. And do you want to know why we continue to show her affection? Continue to report every article of clothing she wears? Why we point out when she does something different? Because of exactly that last point. It is different.

Everything Lizzo does goes against the grain. Goes against what society has deemed ‘normal’. Queen Lizzo isn’t waiting for her to ‘lose a pound’ or to be ‘given an opportunity’. Queen Lizzo is making every day her opportunity. What are you doing? Hiding behind long skirts and thick sweaters? Delicious food? Your mobile devices?
Here we have an outspoken, adventurous young lady who happens to be fat, making news for clothes she wears, words spoken and not forgetting, her juicy songs. Why is it necessary to highlight to the world about Lizzo and her adventures? Why do we read the ‘Lizzo headlines’ daily?
Because she is fun! She is willing to express herself, be vulnerable and the world is loving it. They may secretly want to suggest diet tips and tricks, but they can’t get enough of how intelligent, saucy and extremely body positive she is. Some may even be wishing they could be her. Talented and willing to stand for her beliefs and her truth. Do you know you can be just like her? Do you know you can be as confident as her?

Here are a few tips you can try if you want to be as confident as IG – @lizzobeeating
1. Find your own voice. Don’t let others stiffle what you have to say. Say it. Let your friends and family know what you think and let them know your opinion.
2. Find your passion. It could be a hobby or something you like. Whatever it is, find it and do it. Lizzo has not stopped playing the flute. She even incoperates it in her shows.
3. Live your best life. Unapologetically. Not giving any thought about society and their unwritten rules. This is your life and you will only get one chance. One shot.

If we can start applying these 3 tips just maybe we won’t be so interested in Lizzo and her extra ways. Maybe we won’t be so vocal about anything she does. Maybe, just maybe, we will be a little more sensitive to fat people and not place them in a fat box. Maybe we would start living like she does. Unadulterated. Unapologetic.
Fat people are intelligent, sexual, loving, driven, ambitious also. Being thick doesn’t diminish other attributes. And if Queen Lizzo can do it, so can you.

What can you do better than your friends?


Hi, my name is Angel. I am a writer, poet, published author, body love coach and activist. Find me on IG and facebook- BodyupTT. Or email me at

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