As women, your body type varies from person to person irrespective of the fact that you all share something in common. And that is our bold and beautiful body. Yes, you are fleshy, plus-sized and big but something else makes you unique.

Everyone possesses this uniqueness in extraordinary and different ways. Some of you are still having difficulty identifying the type of body you have and this affects how you dress.

We are aiming to stay trendy and fashionable this year, especially in our dressing, bear that in mind. The best way to achieve this is to improve our dressing in every way possible.

Now, what is body type? This simply means the shape of your body as a person.

Let me break it down, you may have a friend or sister who wears the same size of cloth as you but whenever you wear her cloth a part of your body doesn’t just sit well inside it. For example, the bust, hip or even the waist may be too tight or loose.

This shows that though you have the same cloth size or body weight, your body type does not match with hers, and that’s why her cloth feels awkward or uncomfortable for you.

I hope you understand now.

There are four main body types and they are:

  1. The rectangular body type:

If you have this body type, it means that there is relatively no difference between your bust, waist and hips. Also, your shoulders and hips are proportional. Most of your weight, if you do add, is distributed around your body and may not be noticeable. For this body type, when dressing, show off your shoulders and arms, if possible your hot legs too. Halter necks cropped and elastic waistline clothes are perfect for you. A pair of belts wouldn’t be a bad idea. They can come in handy to help define your waist. Do well to get yourself fitting clothes with beautiful and attractive patterns and designs too.

  • The triangular or pear-shaped body type:

Like the name depicts the upper part of your body is smaller than the lower part. That means your hips are wider in measurement than your bust. The best outfits for this body type are clothes that exhibit and highlight your waist, back, and neckline. Ensure that the clothes you wear have colourful, glamorous and beautiful upper layers, be it a top or dress, pattern or prints, they make you look gorgeous. Bootcut trousers and free-flowing dresses are fantastic ideas too.

  • The apple-shaped or inverted triangle body type:

When your bust line is wider than your hips and waistline, this is the type of body you possess. Your shoulders are also broader than your hips, so the best clothes for you are plunging necklines, flowing, flare or A-line skirts and dresses. If you have beautiful legs, feel free to flaunt them too.

  • The hourglass body type:

This body type has more of a balanced portion of the upper half and lower half of the body. Here the bust and the hips are proportional, and the waist is the tiniest part of the body. Such body type is literarily shaped like an hourglass hence the name. For this body type, you can wear almost anything and get away with it as long as it accentuates your curvy body, is fitting and comfortable.

You must always note that your outfits are incomplete without the appropriate accessories, footwear and of course, lovely fragrance from a strong perfume. Get matching pieces of jewellery, beads, scarfs, handbags, wristwatches, and hairpieces that enhance the lovely outfit and the beautiful you.

Photo Credit: African Fashion and Lifestyles

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