It is no news that we all have our taste when it comes to dressing, but one common thing about assembling outfits is that we all love to look good irrespective of our colour, shape or size.

As a plus-sized person, you must make it a priority to look good always not only because all eyes are on you due to your body size, but because it feels good to look good.

Let the heads turn! Getting noticed for the right reason isn’t a bad idea after all. As plus-sized, you can be in the spotlight for always looking good. I’m sure you feel outstanding when people admire how you are dressed.

I must confess that some of you are still getting it wrong when it comes to putting the right outfit together. You must not be slim to look good you know. Do not let your fleshy nature deny you the opportunity of shining like the star you are.

Yes, you are fat! All the more reason you should be noticed positively. To achieve this, here are some outfits you should not wear:

  • The wrong undies:

Most times, some of you are still struggling with getting the right underwear. If your undies are not packaging you properly, there is no way your outfit will sit well on your body. Take time to find out your appropriate size and get the right undies, especially your bra. This will help accentuate your body perfectly well and enable your outfit to sit beautifully on you.

  • Avoid horizontal striped clothes:

No matter how beautiful it looks, please do not put on clothes with horizontal stripes because they always make you look wider. Vertically striped clothes will definitely make you look trimmer.

  • Stay away from bogus clothes:

You are fleshy and we know that, but you do not need an outfit that will make you look bigger or wider than you are naturally. Tent clothes and other bogus and wider outfits, be it top or pants will always emphasize on your size and even overblow it so avoid them

  • Tiny belts:

Belts are suitable in the right places, but as a plus-sized person, a tiny belt will not sit well on you. It may even give you blisters if they are too tight. There are lovely bold belts and when used on your midsection they give you a beautiful curvy look.

I’m sure that following these tips will put you at that top when it comes to dressing. Enjoy that confident you!

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