I do not think society understands how crippling a fat person can feel when they think about leaving their house. When they think about the travel system. When they think about doing things like grocery shopping or clothes shopping.

Here are some places fat people may avoid.

⚛️ Movie theaters
⚛️ Supermarkets
⚛️ Mall boutiques
⚛️ Shopping on a whole
⚛️ Cars
⚛️ Buses
⚛️ Gym
⚛️ Coney Island

What places would you add here?

The anxiety a fat person feels when faced with these daily struggles can be equalled to a person who suffers from panic attacks, or even persons with a disability. Before leaving their house they have to think of routes to take that are capable of their mobility. Sometimes they would have the greatest of intentions to be their best that day and overcome fears, but when faced with the decision to turn side ways into a doorway to get into a boutique, only to be shown to the back of said boutique where the kaftans and ponchos are.
Fat people double and triple think about doing menial daily task and it affects their out look on life. When you would like to believe a place such as a gym would be a safe haven, it actually isn’t. As it’s surrounded by lean, muscle building machines who seem to be watching and snickering behind the fat persons back. This may not be true but the idea and thought of being surrounded by what society has deemed acceptable wouldn’t be a great motivator for a fat person. Hence they choose to stay at home and do their workout without prying eyes.
Before we judge any person who may choose staying at home over going out, ask yourself why. Why are they making that choice? Why are the much more comfortable alone than mingling with others? Maybe in asking yourself that you can empathise more with others.

Hi, I’m MakiSTAR (formerly known as Angel). If you have any questions you would like answered, please feel free to leave it as a comment or email bodyupwithangel@gmail.com for anonymity.

Continue to love yourself Unapologetically.

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