Every 8th of March, we celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’. Every year there is a different theme that women carry through until the next year where a new theme is given. Last year was about balance, this year it’s ‘Generation Equality’. This topic had me thinking about the plussize community. How much equality have we gotten as functioning humans in society?

It is not easy being plussized, now we are adding another element to it, where it can become a bit disturbing if thought about. Do we have equality at the moment? No. An emphatic No. A resounding NO! Plussized women, are still discriminated against. Simple.
We are still not included in certain topics because, to others, our voice isn’t one that can be reasoned with. There are still spaces we are not allowed and we are told we can’t be a part of. Sometimes we are told to spend more than the average person for simple items such as clothing, or even shoes. It is a fact.
How can we become a progressive society if we are still asking plussize women to do more, be more, in the work place and even at home? Our size does not define us. Our size does not slow us down, or make us unable to do things. But we are still judged by that physical impression.
Are we not learning that we can be supermodels? We can be public speakers? We can be prime ministers or even a president?
My wish is for inclusion in spaces that plussizers wouldn’t usually be seen. Let’s welcome them in the pageants and not create a separate pageant for them. Let’s have the same price for their clothing or shoes that others would pay. Let’s not ask them to do more at work.

Let’s make it equally important for all women to be appreciated and not just those of a particular size.

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