It’s still the most pleasant time of the year, and January is one of the most exciting months too. Remember, our aim is to remain trendy and stand out in 2020. Whether indoors or outdoors, work or casual look, you should grab every opportunity to slay.

In the spirit of the New Year, let me share some tips on how to look gorgeous.

  • Beautiful Black:

When we talk about colours and fashion, black always stands out. There is just something about black clothes that has stood the test of time and constantly remains trendy. Anyone who doesn’t have a black outfit is yet to be called fashionable. Be it an LBD, (Little Black Dress), a black top, black jean or skirt; you’re sure to steal the show once you appear in any of these. Black clothes are and evoking.

  • Firm, fitting jeans:

Jeans are always made of denim and overtime they have come to stay. They are a must-have for any fashionable person, good thing they come in various sizes and a variety of outfits like skirts, trousers, dresses, and even jackets. Jeans are always unlimited when it comes to dressing. You can never go wrong with a pair of lovely fitting jeans, whether at home, at work, or hanging out with friends, they always look beautiful.

  • Flattering dress:

Dresses are always girly, feminine and sassy, especially when they are above the knee. A lovely flowery or patterned dress would always flatter your curves, accentuate your shape and make you look gorgeous and lovely at the same time.

  • Comfortable heels:

Do you know that good shoes help improve your foot health, aid your movement as well as give you grace when you walk? Well, now, you know. Heels accentuate the muscles of your calves, elongate legs and make you look taller when you wear them. Don’t forget that they should not only be fitting but comfortable too, especially because of your size.

  • Well-packaged undies:

The beauty of your outfit can not be seen or appreciated if your undies are not giving you the right packaging. This New Year, do well to get comfortable and cosy undies that will help balance and project your outfit well.

When you go shopping for the year, do not hesitate to try out clothes and footwear before you buy them to ensure they are not just fitting but as snug as a bug. That’s the only way you can enjoy wearing them.

I’m sure that these dressing tips will boost your look, appearance, and confidence all year long if you try them out. Also, you can get matching accessories with these outfits and watch heads turn in your direction as you step out in style.

Photo Credit: Esther Nakitenda Nagawa

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