You cannot deny the fact that there is almost always something happening around you at one time or the other.  And for those of you who are extroverts and are in love with the outdoors, events are great opportunities for you to get rid of boredom, hangout with family and friends, make new friends and enjoy yourself.

However, there are a few of you who still struggle with the thought of what to put on for various occasions, and this has been an unintentional hindrance to you which has denied you the chance to have fun and enjoy the pleasures of the outdoor.

Since we have previously talked about how important it is to spend time having fun as a plus-sized female and how to shop for outfits, I would like to point out some dressing hacks for you as you grace different occasions.

First, you should know that every individual has a part of their body that they are in love with, and there is a need to highlight this body part. As a matter of fact, its a compulsory fashion rule to always flaunt what you have. Be it your bust, full hips, curvy waist, lovely legs or even your pretty face; ensure that whatever outfit you put on accentuates your physical assets.

Here are a few dressing tips for various occasions:

  • Formal events:

For events like conferences, seminars, workshops and the likes, you can put on lovely corporate wears like skirt, trouser or dress suits. You can also go for simple dresses and beef them up with matching jackets that gets you good attention. A pair of lovely stiletto or pump would add a touch of class to your outfit.

  • Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Bridal or baby shower:

This is a celebration, and your dressing should not be limited here, so you can go for pretty flowery dresses. It could also be patterned fabrics, either flowing or above the knee as long as it is comfortable and flatters your body with ease. Get matching accessories for your hair, belt and footwear to make you stand out. You should note that for this kind of events, if there is a dress code, you may have to consider it depending on your relationship with the celebrant. Of course, you can steal the show with a beautifully tailored African print or Ankara fabrics; in this case, there is a variety of style options to pick from that can give you a place with only the most fabulously dressed.

  • Dinner parties:

These are most times buffets or cocktails events so you can dress in lovely dinner gowns, either full ball gowns, flowing dresses or any sexy dress that accentuates your curves and highlights the most beautiful parts of your body. Ensure to match it with glamorous pieces of jewellery that make grand statements, and it’s all about glitz and glam here. That way you can take charge of the evening.

  • Outdoor or casual events:

This can be hanging out time with friends or your regular outdoor. A nice pair of beautiful fitting jeans always comes in handy here. These days there are a variety of jeans in stock. There are the stoned, laced up, patterns included, full length, three-quarter, knicker length, bum-short and even the crazy jean. Any of these would go perfectly with a beautiful top depending on the weather condition and time of the day. Trainers, sneakers, loafers, ballerinas or any comfortable flat will blend well for this occasion. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you choose to go for boots and pumps too. The choice is yours.

  • Job interviews:

This is a very professional setting, so it is best you go for well-tailored fitting formal suits; it could be trouser or skirt suit. You can also go on an excellent dress combination with a suitable jacket. It is advisable also to consider dark coloured clothes such as navy blue, black, coffee or even maroon. Complete it with an outstanding corporate shoe, maybe kitten heeled, oxfords, stiletto, pumps, or even a peep-toe wedge.

  • Religious gatherings:

You can never go wrong with a flattering dress, especially for occasions like naming ceremonies, baptisms or other activities held in religious places. You can go for lovely dress-shirts that match with either a skinny jean or leggings with heeled shoes that stand out and eye-catching clutch purse.

Remember that your dressing is still incomplete if you do not have a beautiful hairdo to balance it. So morning or evening, formal or informal, let the plus-size woman rock all occasions.

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