There are a few things that you will have to say no to as a plus-size because they are both bad for you, mentally and physically. The goal is to stay healthy, live better, and be healthier always.

So, here are three things you must always say no to and why

The urge to eat unhealthy: There is a thin line between being obese and being plus-size, and you have to know when you are crossing that line and stop it. When you see unhealthy foods, no matter the craving, ignore them and do not eat them. When you keep filling yourself up with unhealthy foods, you are pushing yourself to obesity and there is a long list of things that comes with being obese. You will eventually have to deal with fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and a lot of your other organs will be affected as well. Because you told yourself “I cannot come and kill myself” and kept eating unhealthy foods, the truth is, in the end, you’ll actually get yourself killed and you did not know. Drop that I cannot come and kill myself mentality now, and say a big NO to unhealthy foods, because at the end you really will kill yourself.

Self-deprecating talks: How are you supposed to convince the world to not talk down on you when you always talk down on your self? This is like telling someone “do not call me big head” but whenever you get a chance to, you scream out the words “I have a big head”. You are the first example of what loving you should look like, and when you love you, you will not say self-deprecating words to yourself. And anyone who sees how much positive words you tell yourself about yourself, they too will begin to see you how you see you and start telling you those words as well. You do not need to bring yourself down because of the term “You cannot shame the shameless”. First of all, you are anything but shameless, you are beautiful, bold and big, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. And one truth people do not like to accept is the fact that it doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself certain words, they have a different effect when someone else says those words to you. It hits differently.

Unhealthy lifestyle: Who says exercising is for losing weight only? Exercise is to keep fit, and you can be plus-size and fit. That someone is a size 6 does not mean that they are healthy; watch them climb a flight of stairs without breathing like something horrible happened to them first before you can conclude that they are fit. Try to get involved in exercises, no matter how little; you are doing your heart a favour.

There you go, three things you must say no to because your health and life depends on it.

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