Everyone loves to shop. The thought of having something new; clothes, shoes, jewelries, accessories, anything as long as it is new, is absolutely a fantastic feeling.

As a plus-sized folk, you may encounter some challenges while shopping especially for your outfits, and this is not uncommon. Over time I have discovered that this challenge makes some of you grudgingly settle for whatever outfits you have at the moment, denying yourself the pleasure that shopping gives.

Also, this has become a limitation for some of you because it has stooped you from going out or even hanging out with friends just because you feel that you do not have the appropriate outfit for a particular occasion.

Not to worry, I’ve got good news for you, after several research and investigations, I have been able to pen down some of the problems that affect your shopping, and they are:

  • Where to shop:

Many at times, you are stuck up with the option of whether to go to the shop or to shop online. It seems a tough decision to make especially when you see some adorable outfits available in stores online, and you are struggling with two choices; to either order and have it delivered or to go pick it up yourself. This sometimes paralyzes you, and you end up making no choice at all.

  • Finding clothes you like:

There are also times when you battle with finding the clothes you like. Now I would have you know that this problem is not peculiar to plus-sized folks alone. The struggle is real, especially among females, unlike guys who can easily pick and throw on anything without thinking twice. Just as our faces differ, so do our tastes, likes and preferences, so it is not unusual to desire outfits that catch your fancy.

  • Clothes that fit right:

This is another major challenge. Sometimes when you finally find something you like so much and believe the colour will flatter your complexion and skin tone only to find out that the outfit is either too big or too small for you. I am sure this is the most annoying feeling of all. Why can’t that lovely black dress be your exact size? Yeah, I know how you feel.

  • Getting fitting clothes that match your skin tone:

When you eventually find a cloth made for your size but realize that the colours available are far from what would compliment your skin. Another frustrating experience right?

Not minding how long you must have struggled with these shopping problems, here are some helpful solutions:

  • Offline shopping:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping online; the truth is that it is quite fast and convenient, but you have to understand that there are times when it may not turn out the way you expect.  To solve this problem, try a little trick. Whenever you visit an online clothes store, confirm if there is an available outlet or offline store where you can pick up the item yourself. Take time to visit the store so that you can be sure the outfit is exactly what you want.

  • Don’t assume, try it on:

Clothes may look like your size and even have your expected colour, but you would be surprised to get home and realize that you assumed wrongly. So once you are in the shop, don’t assume that it is going to be your size, just solve the riddle yourself and try it on.

  • Know your exact body type and measurement:

Now I know many of you have fallen victim to a situation where you get an outfit that carries your measurement as the size, only to try it on later and realize that either the bust or hip or waist isn’t just exactly fitting, maybe a few inches smaller or bigger than your body size. That is why you should know your precise measurement. You can get it from your dressmaker, you should also know your specific body type like we have discussed previously. Do you have an hourglass body type, pear-shaped, rectangular or apple-shaped body type? You need to take note of this and consider it when shopping for outfits too.

  • Get a second opinion:

You can never go wrong with this. After trying an outfit, take a look at it in the mirror and get someone else to share their thought about how the outfit looks on you. It will help you decide faster on whether to take the outfit or not.

Now you know the challenges of shopping as a plus-sized person and you are equipped with the solution too. So what’s stopping you from shopping? Start filling up your wardrobes with new outfits immediately!

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