Life as a plus-size woman is a very interesting thing.  Every day you wake up is a new day to meet people of all kinds.

  1. You’re beautiful for your size: Really!  A not-so-subtle way of showing their disappointment. Sounds like, if they could have their way, a plus-size woman would not come with a beautiful face. Well, they will have to stay disappointed.

  • Wow, you would be even more beautiful if you lost weight: It would not be a typical day if the beauty standards don’t come out to play. Another way of saying, “You’re beautiful, but not by our standards.” The good thing is, nobody cares about those standards anyway.

  • You’re pretty confident for a plus-size woman: Why, thank you! They can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that not everyone’s self-esteem is dependent on their cloth sizes.

  • Maybe you shouldn’t eat that: Remember, calories. Eat what you’d like in moderate, healthy quantities.

  • Have you tried slimming teas? It will shock you to know that these teas don’t necessarily work. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will do the trick. If you’re thirsty, drink water instead.

  • You should try exercising: So should you. So should everyone. Exercising is not meant for a particular body type.

  • You won’t get cold quickly: Plus-size people are human beings that feel things, like cold, just like everybody else.

  • How did you let yourself go? Contrary to popular opinion, plus-size people do not ‘let themselves go’.  Sometimes, the weight gain occurs as a result of circumstances, like medical conditions, beyond their control.

  • Well, some men like them big: Not everything is about what others want. Nobody should live their lives based on validations from others. Be happy in your body.

  • Being this size is not healthy: False, there are so many studies that have shown that plus-size does not equal being unhealthy.

  • There’s this new diet I discovered: Perfect, enjoy your diet. It is easy to manipulate a plus-size person to try things that might be harmful to them, just because they are looking to lose some weight. If you need dietary advice, see a professional.

  • Hey big girl/ mama: Every plus-size woman should be used to this one.

  • You’re not even that fat: This is not a compliment, even though it is disguised as one. Thanks anyway!

In all, being aware of your looks, curves, edges, perfection, and imperfections will help you breeze through your day. A great deal of self-awareness and acceptance is key. The icing on the cake though is self-love. Arm yourself with these and these opinions won’t matter.

Photo Credit: Beautiful curves

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