Getting the news that you are pregnant as a plus-size woman might scare you because when you google plus-size pregnancy, you might be hit by a barrage of scary statistics; risks you are prone to and mortality rates of infants. You might wonder to yourself, “Why plus-size pregnant women are never represented in the media?”

Then you begin to worry about these things, ranging from the clothes that will fit your body, to the way your body will look during pregnancy. You might even be convinced that you would not be able to have a healthy outcome due to your size.

Now all of these things are possible, but not because you are plus-size. Female bodies carry pregnancies differently, regardless of size. As a plus-size woman, it is very normal to have a healthy pregnancy; in fact, most plus-size pregnancies are complication-free.

Let’s take a peek at the common fears about plus-size and pregnancy:

  1. Your pregnancy is going to be a high-risk one: No! No healthcare provider should, based on your size, flag your pregnancy as a high-risk pregnancy. A high BMI does not mean high-risk. Weight might increase the risk, but under proper guidance, you should have a smooth and risk-free pregnancy and delivery.

Also, if your healthcare provider does that, it means they clearly have a bias against people of size. It is best to change to someone more compassionate. It is your right to choose who takes care of you, especially for your mental and physical health.

  • Body image: Sometimes, in pregnancy, you might worry about the changes you see in your body. And because there is little representation of the plus-size woman in the media, you start to feel alone. Don’t. There is a community of plus-size women (trying to conceive or pregnant), and also mothers. Make it your goal to find these people and loved ones who would support you through that period. You are never alone!
  • Clothes that fit: First of all, the clothes you have will last for a while, particularly in the early stages of your pregnancy. Especially if they stretch or have elastic bands. There are also a lot of maternity clothing options for the plus-size pregnant woman.
  • Baby bump: Sometimes, in plus-size women, it takes longer for your baby bump to show. It might take 20-22 weeks in plus-size women, unlike the usual 17weeks in the average person. Don’t fret; your body just carries weight differently. Your baby is in there, and your body is carrying a new life.
  • Weight gain: It is such a touchy subject. Nobody wants to put on more pounds, especially when you are pregnant. You might think if you continue to eat like you usually do while you are pregnant, you might gain more pounds. But it is all in the calories. With healthy nutrition, and eating right for both you and the baby, you may even maintain or lose weight in a very usual and healthy fashion.
  • Health and Nutrition: With pregnancy comes cravings, and indulging all the time might start to bother you. Not to worry, there is a balance. Drink lots of water, no less than eight glasses every day. Up your fibre intake, and eat foods rich in protein, avoid foods with lots of processed sugars, try to opt for the healthier version of your cravings. And most of all, stay active. Take walks every day.

Average or plus-size, pregnancies and pregnant women should be treated delicately. A healthy lifestyle is always going to be very instrumental in the overall well-being of both you and the fetus. And remember to savour the experience, for nothing beats the birth of new life!

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