At first, when you embark on your weight loss journey, it tends to start smoothly. You’re pumped full of energy, and you begin to see results.

Months in, you realize progress has slowed down or has disappeared entirely. You’re not losing any more weight, or your weight begins to go back up. This might just be your body’s way of putting up a fight, holding on to the fat; you may term it a ‘self-defence mechanism.’

Don’t fret, not yet. Let’s look at some things that you might have overlooked, and ways you can get things going again.

  1. NOT ENOUGH CARDIO: Aerobic exercises, also cardiovascular exercises are those exercise activities that cause your heart rate to be increased. Examples are jogging, swimming, etc. Cardio especially helps you burn fat around your tummy area, attacking the areas that seem m0st stubborn.
  • NOT ENOUGH SLEEP: getting your required 8hours of sleep might just be the change you need. People who sleep less have been shown to have a higher risk of obesity, and lack of sleep stalls the weight loss process. A better sleep routine might just do the trick!
  • TOO MUCH HEALTHY FOOD: You might be wondering how it is that there’s such a thing as too much good stuff. Well, to reiterate, it is always about the calories. Binging on ‘healthy food’ is a counterproductive step in your weight loss journey because as long as you are eating more calories than your body requires, weight gain is inevitable.
  • YOU ARE STARVING: Your body is in panic-mode at this point. There is very little food coming in, and so your body thinks it’ll be doing you a favour by slowing down metabolism, hoarding fat, and energy to sustain you for as long as it can. Eat! Your body needs food to function.
  • CUT BACK ON THE ALCOHOL: If you want to lose weight, it is important to note that alcohols are quite high in calories. So when you down those bottles of beer at night, you are drowning all of your efforts. The alcoholic drinks that have the most calories include wines, beers, and other sweet/sugary alcoholic beverages. Stick to spirits if you must indulge and mix with zero-calorie beverages.
  • A MEDICAL CONDITION: Speak to your doctor if you are doing everything right and can’t seem to drop the pounds. Some of the medical conditions that could hinder weight loss or even cause you to keep gaining weight include sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome).

In the end, the most important goal should be a healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle. If you are making efforts, these are measures to take to make sure your efforts count. And always remember to stay confident!

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