Hi, my name is Angel. I am a Writer, Poet, Self-Published Author, Body Love Activist and Coach. I am here to encourage us on our body love journey.

Photography by Kwende Edwards

Are you doing your Daily Affirmations?

Your daily affirmations are an important part of the road to body love and self-acceptance. Constantly reminding yourself of your accomplishments is necessary. I mean, who else would and could do this better than you? Right?

It’s also a major key to unlocking your recovery from body hate. This simple act, can realign your mind in believing what you say. This is the reason for the affirmations. To reprogram what was programmed before. To take away the negative and apply the positive, especially about your body. The world isn’t very helpful in affirming body love especially in the thicker women. It is a necessity in curvier, sexually, liberated women. Magazines do not cater for sizes bigger than ten. Models are still encouraged to be size zeros. I mean, the Caribbean woman shape is very different to other diaspora, yet we have been told that we need to conform to what ‘the rest of the world says’. We do not have to.

Being repetitive to yourself is also speaking on your goals, your ambitions, your reality, your truth. Saying exactly what you want to be your outcome, your end result. Speaking your truth into being. Making it your mantra. 

Speaking your positivity into your life is a necessity. This is all part of reprogramming your mind into knowing that you are comfortable in the skin you are in. Accepting that your body shape, be it pear, diamond, whatever, does not exist. Your body shape is you. That you can view your body as beauty, art and poetic in every way. 

Daily reminders of your personal beauty are what we need. Couple your verbal affirmations with written ones creates an even more powerful self-renewal and self-love.

Next time someone ask what is your body shape, tell them human. Tell them sexy. Tell them thicker than a snicker. Tell them there isn’t enough letters in the alphabet to describe your body type. 

Photography by Kwende Edwards
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Who are you? Write it down.

“Beauty isn’t just skin, it’s more. Acceptance isn’t after 30 but before.”

By Angel Harrt

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