A lot of things are bound to affect your love life, because if we are facing facts, love is, in most cases, not enough to hold a relationship together. One thing that should not affect your love life is your weight.

Unless it is unhealthy and your partner is trying to save you, your weight should not even have a say in what happens in your relationship, anyone who does not love you the way you are does not deserve to have you in their life, and this is non-negotiable.

Your being plus-size is not a reason why you would begin to have issues with your partner; maybe you somehow found out that he started seeing one size six girl somewhere, and then you start feeling like you were not enough for him. Here is a bitter truth you must accept first, it is true, maybe you were not enough for him, and that’s okay. You know why? Because you are enough for you, and you will be enough for someone who loves, cherishes and appreciate you.

In situations like these, it is pretty easy for low self-esteem to kick in and make you start questioning everything about yourself. Stop it before you even begin.

He did not love you; for whatever reason he came into a relationship with you, love was not among. This is because being plus-size is not a defect that you can hide or an evil character that you can conceal. Something he might find out in the future and go “Oh, I did not know”, he most certainly saw you in all that fleshy goodness before he asked for a relationship, so if he starts acting strange later, it is not on you, it is all on him.

Also, don’t ever for once, think that you could not get a relationship because you were plus-sized. Chuck it up to other reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with your look.

Ps. Do not tell anyone I told you this, but the standard for beauty being slim women has left the building. Some kind of wave hit the air recently, and the thick women are now the ones taking over the scene. The plus-size fashion industry has made quite a reasonable sum in the last years, as new and amazing designs to show off the beauty of the plus-size woman has hit the air.

Never let your size become a deciding factor in your relationships, love life in general. When you do that, you are saying something is wrong with you, and the truth is, absolutely nothing is, you are perfect.

Anyone who does not see the perfection that you are is a loser and does not deserve a second thought from you.

Do not let anyone make you feel less of yourself, and if they keep making comments about your weight, sit on them. I’m kidding, but if you think about it enough, knowing that you have that much power to smother them, you would feel better.

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