Are stretch marks flaws? Are Cellulite flaws? Is a beauty mark in the centre of your forehead considered a flaw? A gap between your front teeth is a flaw? Hair on your toes are a flaw?

Why? Why do we continue to tell ourselves that we should ‘love our Flaws’? Like, why? Why is it necessary to dub these things as flaws? Some are a part of natural life, others you were born with. Like literally, you were born with that beauty mark smack dab in the middle of your forehead. So how did that become an anomaly?
Why? Why are we still speaking about stretch marks as flaws when we just need to embrace that it’s part of our life. You lose weight you get marks. Or am I missing some scientific reason?


All I know is, we need to step away from that culture of embracing flaws and reprogram that brainwashing to ‘this makes me unique’. Or the better one, ‘we all got them’. Sigh.
I just want us to start rethinking these things taught to us. The flaws that are told to us are, are they really? A baby born with an extra finger is flawed? Or being born with vitiligo or any skin disorder is flawed?
All I want is for us to accept the difference in bodies. Difference in smiles and shapes and sizes even. We all can’t be super models. We all can’t be what society considers perfect. Let’s be the best ‘Me’ we can be.

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