Since before time began, there have always been societal definitions of how a beautiful woman should look. Slim, hourglass figure, light-skinned, small nose, cupid-bow shaped lips, and eyes like that of a cat. And the society has been unkind to those who did not check at least 7o% of these boxes they created. 

Because of this, women have been made to work hard to adjust their bodies to what this definition of beauty is, well, hello surgeries. Recently, a disgusting video of a woman getting a chemical bath of take off the melanin induced black on her skin surfaced the net, and just about everyone wanted to throw up. The irony of their reaction to this video was the single fact that they fueled this nonsense. With musicians and their picture-perfect video vixens, with the pictures of those slim cover girls, everyone wants to be like. 

Wanting to be like the societal definition of beauty has landed a lot of women in the hospital, suffering from Anorexia, and other starvation related diseases, just because they want to lose that fat the society hates so much. 

Do you know why you should not care about this, because it is toxic to dwell on, and more importantly, you are beautiful and should not pay attention to this silliness called society? 

Here are two reasons why you should not allow the societal definition of beauty bother you. 

It will dampen your self-esteem: For every cover girl, you aspire to be, your self-esteem takes a hit. You do not need to do yourself this grave injustice by paying attention to things that dampen your self-esteem. All that confidence you are giving away by focusing on what should be and not what is will have you looking down on yourself. When you start looking down on yourself, you automatically give the society the right to look down on you as well, because you are the first example, the first representation of what loving you should look like. Any attempt to lose that will have you in a place that is not pretty, a place where people dread to be in, a place of sadness, darkness and depression.

It is a lie: Half the pictures you see on magazines are photoshopped, the already slim model is made slimmer just so that she can fit into that definition of beauty according to society. Meghan Trainor had to take down a video of hers from the internet once because her label took the liberty of slimming her down in the videos. She did not think it would be fair to plus-sized women who looked up to her to find out that she was not as confident in her body as claimed, that she had to slim herself in a video to look okay. That is just one person out of a ton of people who have photoshopped pictures and videos only to look perfect. 

Well. Perfection is a myth, and you are beautiful, just the way you are.

Photo Credit: athickgirlscloset

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