Stereotype simply refers to the people’s misconception or wrong idea/belief about other people, group or thing that is mainly based on how they look. In most cases, these beliefs are not true.

When it comes to the plus-sized community and how most people view them, they tend to associate their body size to their health status. In some parts of the world, there are particular sets of people who believe that a personal health status is dependent on the person’s body size. Just like some individuals with myopic mentality believe that the crime rate is higher among people with dark coloured skin. This is another stereotype that is not only false, unrealistic, but also unacceptable.

The world is a place filled with people of diverse orientations, characteristics and way of life. A person should never be judged based on how they look or mere physical appearance, rather by their words and actions put together.

It is not really an acceptable way of assessing people because it can be limiting. Also, it is inappropriate to judge people or relegate people as a result of what you feel they look like.

There is no argument about the fact that there is a relationship between a person’s body size and health. Still, you need to also be reminded that the relationship between your health and weight depends on your personal choices and this does not define or limit you in any way neither does it make you less of who you are.

Having a fleshy or plus-sized body is your choice, and your decision should well be respected like that of a slimmer person. It does not make you less of who you are as an individual.

When it comes to beauty standards, this has also been misconstrued because the society as a whole has specific expectations as to what qualifies a woman to be called beautiful. Another misconception if you ask me.

In this era of social media hype and influence, many are carried away with the images they see on various media platforms, and this has dramatically tampered with their self-esteem and self-love, sadly.

We see a lot of social media viewers being deceived by these false and doctored images of what a perfect woman should look like, and this trend gradually gets to their heads giving them the wrong impression and leaving them feeling less of themselves.

You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that these images have been passed through several levels of filters, and their main objective is deception. It’s a pity that these falsehood has left many insecure, unsatisfied and even depressed about their body and general beauty. This has forced them to engage in various inappropriate and unhealthy dieting that causes more harm than good to their body in the long run.

As a plus-sized female, let me remind you that you MUST never let anyone intimidate or oppress you. Your body is unique.

I also need you even to know that gone are the days of the famous saying “beauty is in the beholder”, the world has advanced way passed that level. Today we are in a different era from what was obtainable back then. Beauty lies within you!

You alone determine what your definition of beauty is. As long as you are bold enough to declare and defend it irrespective of your body size. You are plus-sized and beautiful, not minding what anyone thinks about your body size. Forget about their stereotypes and definition of beauty standard; you are uncommon and extraordinary. You have a beautiful body so flaunt it!

Maintain proper hygiene always as we work towards kicking out COVID-19.

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