There is a tendency for plus-size women to become so careless about their looks that they end up not looking good at all. And then you find out later on that beneath all that dirtiness they have created for themselves lies a beautiful woman who should be showing off that beauty. Instead, has agreed to that silly voice inside of her, telling her that she is ugly, when she is, in fact, a stunning woman. And since there is no one telling her otherwise – because let us face it, we are in a generation of mean, vain people who believe beauty should be by their standards and no one else’s – she wallows and doesn’t allow her beauty to flourish.

For a start, lady, let us get one thing straight. And that is, “You are plus-size, not ugly.”

Did you get that?


Now, let us move into some hard truths.

Being plus-size requires that you take care of yourself a lot better than the average woman would, due to a few reasons.

First of all, you sweat more.

So you should not move around without an antiperspirant; you can’t afford to.

You need to use antiperspirants and perfumes to keep yourself smelling so nice everyone would want to hug you.

You also have to bathe a little longer than the average person.

You see, while it is easy for a slim person just to slather water and soap on her body and it would get to everywhere, it works a little differently with you.

You have to wash parts of your body that seem hidden thoroughly. You have to clean up these parts and make sure that they are not looking darker than the rest of your body.

You have to avoid situations that could make you sweat a lot. Avoid them like the plague; this is vital.

Get good skin products.

Have a good skin regimen, and do not be inclined to bleaching your skin. Bleaching comes with an odour that might be too hard to get rid of. Own your natural skin colour and take good care of it.

Hit the gym when you can and eat healthily.

You are beautiful and big. Revel in that glory and do not lose your crown.

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